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Is EEAT A Ranking Factor

Is EEAT A Ranking Factor For Websites?

E-E-A-T (Exp/Ex/Auth/Trust) isn’t a direct ranking factor, but Google prioritises sites with it. Think of it as a quality checklist for SEO.

Website Pages Are Not Indexing

Why My Website Pages Are Not Indexing – Reasons Behind

Pondering, “Why my website pages are not indexing?” Discover reasons why your website pages may not be indexed and optimise your website.

Website To Start Ranking

How Much It Takes For A Website To Start Ranking – A Beginners Guide

Want to know how much it takes for a website to start ranking? Understand SEO essentials and boost site visibility for higher rankings.

Bing Or Google

Bing Or Google – Which Search Engine Will Rule In 2024

Compare Bing vs. Google: Examine differences in search accuracy, user experience, and privacy. Make an informed choice that fits your needs.

increase crawl rate

Slow Crawling And Indexing Ratio – How Google Handles Huge Data

Learn what slow crawling and indexing ratios are in our comprehensive blog. Explore Google’s web management aspects like selective crawling.

Is seo dead because of ai

Is SEO Dead – Will AI Wipe Out SEO

Is SEO Dead? Learn how AI complements SEO, its limitations, and ethical concerns. Explore the future of voice search and SEO in this blog.

SEO Tracking – List Of indicators To Track Website Performance

SEO tracking involves monitoring metrics like keyword rankings and organic traffic using tools such as Google Analytics for optimisation.


SEO Reporting Software – List Of 7 Essential Website Audit Tools

Top SEO Reporting Software: 1. Ahrefs 2. Semrush 3. Google Analytics 4. Google Search Console 5. AgencyAnalytics 6. SE Ranking 7. Looker Studio

Key Components Of Local SEO

What Is Local SEO – How To Use Keywords In Local SEO 

Local SEO is a digital marketing strategy that optimises online visibility for businesses in specific locations, improving search rankings.

How Does Google Search Work

How Google Shows Billions Of Results Within Milli Seconds

Ever wondered how Google shows billions of results within milliseconds? Learn how Google’s speed is due to efficient algorithms in the blog.

What Is Crawling

What Is Crawling And Indexing

Learn what is crawling and indexing in this blog. Explore their differences, relationships, the importance of website crawlers and tools etc.

What Is A Ranking Factor

What Is A Ranking Factor – Top SEO Ranking Factors Considered By Google?

Ranking factors are the criteria Google assesses to determine a webpage’s position in search – including content-quality backlinks, etc.

Definition Of Domain Authority

What Is DA – Is Domain Authority A Ranking Factor?

DA is an SEO metric by Moz, that rates a website’s overall credibility from 1 to 100. Higher scores correlate with better search ranking.

Tips To Create A Catchy Blog Title

5 Tips To Create A Catchy Blog Title – A Guide To Boost CTR

Boost your CTR with 5 tips for crafting irresistible blog titles! Learn how to capture the attention of your audience and drive engagement.

Top 10 Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation

Top 10 Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation

The benefits of search engine optimisation include increased organic traffic, higher rankings, cost-effectiveness, competitive edge etc.

Digital Marketing Featured Image

Why Is Digital Marketing Important For Small Businesses?

In today’s digital age, the way businesses operate and communicate with their customers has fundamentally changed.

New Website Live Now

The New Splash Sol Tech Website is Live Now

We couldn’t be happier to announce that the new Cognizantt website is live now.

seo for ecommerce websites

SEO for E-Commerce Websites – Boosting Visibility and Sales

This post will explore effective SEO strategies tailored specifically for e-commerce businesses including on page and offpage optimisation.

Free Logo Design Software & Tools

Free Logo Design Software & Tools 

Whether it is your first time designing a logo or you have done that before, this guide has ten plus free logo design software and tools to reduce your burden and ease the work. 

How To Come Up With A Logo Design

How do you come up with the logo design? Need in-depth information about how to come up with a logo design? We’ve got you covered.

Logo Colourways

Logo Colourways (Colour Combinations)

The choice of colors can make or break the overall look of your logo. Mark Zuckerberg chose the blue color for Facebook due to color blindness.

Logo Examples By Industry Colours

Logo Examples By Colours

Logos are a great way to brand your business. They are easy to create, look professional and work well on social media platforms to bring your brand into the spotlight. 

How many colours should a logo have?

How Many Colours Should a Logo Have

All set to design your new logo but not sure of the colors to use? This article has got you covered. 

Logo Colors By Industry

Logo Colours By Industry

The logo colours by industries vary significantly, and so it is absolutely vital to choose logo colours that try truly reflect your product or service.

Logo Importance?

Why Is a Logo Important?

As the famous saying goes by ”a logo is the face of your brand”. It’s the first thing customers see when they’re introduced to a new brand or company in B2B.

Logo Design Cost

How Much Does Logo Design Cost in the UK?

If you’re planning to create a logo, the good news is that it doesn’t cost a fortune. Unlike expensive marketing, logos are one of the best, most affordable.

geofencing guide

What is Geofencing? – A Guide to Geofencing Marketing

Geofencing is one of the most popular technologies for mobile devices and it has been available for the last several years. While the geofencing has many…

What are website maintenance costs?

What Are Website Maintenance Costs? – A Definitive Guide

Many website owners make the critical mistake of not considering the costs associated with the website maintenance to ensure they can run…

Cost of Instagram Ads

How Much do Instagram Ads Cost?

The cost of an Instagram ad depends on a range of factors including but not limited to CPC or cost-per-click, CPM, or cost-per-impressions. The exact cost per CPM or CPC depends on your targeted…

Top influencer marketing techniques

10 Influencer Marketing Strategies To Get Ahead

Creating a Shopify store is one thing. But getting people to it is another. Unless you get enough traffic to your online store, you will not see any tangible…

Organising and structuring keywords

How to Structure and Organize your PPC Keywords

Your Adwords campaign starts with keyword research. But simply creating a list of targeted keywords may not be enough…

The Psychology of Colours

The Psychology of Colors to Increase Website Conversions

You understand your targeted customers really well. You know what they like. You know how to navigate from one page to another to maximize…