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What is Our Bing Display Advertising Service?

After the massive success of Google Ads, Bing Display ads are the new bandwagon with a total ad span of $7.8 billion spent on Microsoft advertising. Since 2016, Microsoft, aka Bing display ads, has experienced a whopping spike of 35% with budget-friendly yet effective pay-per-click advertising.

Not only have Bing ads changed the advertising game but also transformed the traditional way of bringing website traffic. Unlike Google, such ads mostly steal traffic from web pages, online auctions, ad placements, and other high-ticket traffic sources.

At SplashSol Tech, our Bing Display ads specialists churn off and place bids on the best high-volume keywords to get the top placement on Google.

Whether you’re a recently launched start-up or a large enterprise running for years, choosing the right advertising channel for your business is as important as anything else.

Bing display advertising offers a pool of PPC options to businesses of all sizes and mediums. Therefore, our Bing display ads specialists break down every step to help you make the most of Microsoft advertising.

Although smaller than Google, Bing accounts for about 1/3rd of the search engine volume for the sale of products, services, software, and much more.

Using the potential of Bing display ads, we help you reach customers with a multichannel offering and grab the highest quality media at the lowest price possible.

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Boost Your Traffic & Sales with a Dedicated Bing Search Ads Campaign

A pay-per-click audit service to help you uncover hidden gaps and achieve excellent click-through rate and conversion rate.

Why Choose Our Bing Display Advertising Service

Brand-surface Environment

Accessing premium quality ads is no less than a blessing for businesses struggling to bring traffic to a trusted environment.

At SplashSolTech, not only do we segment the ads based on relevancy, competition, and ad performance. However, we also curate the best content experience in a brand-safe environment.

Not only to a small community, but Bing display ads are also visible to audiences all over the world on a global scale.

As a result, Microsoft dramatically enhances the buying process by helping users decide how and where they want to buy.

In a premium programmatic market with thousands of competitive businesses emerging every year, our Bing display ads have got your back. Moreover, our specialists also bring world-class partnerships and direct deal offerings so that you can connect with global audiences at scale.

Types of Advertising

Needless to say, Microsoft advertising is one of the most diversified types of advertising. In-display ads, the viewer has a multitude of options to choose from. From text and design to colour and shape, our Bing display ads specialists make sure to portray the best high-quality display ads to your potential customers.

Some of the common types we cover here include app install ads, expanded text ads, dynamic search ads, Microsoft advertising aka Bing smart search

Microsoft audience ads

Product ads

Responsive search ads.

Whichever ad type you choose, we fulfill all your ad goals, from targeting a specific audience to driving traffic to increasing revenue.


Without a speck of doubt, SplashSolTech is one of the most secure Bing Display ads agency. Here, all your personal information will be kept safe and free from third-party interference. At SplashSolTech, our team of experts never disclose your close details with other search partners. This means all the traffic we bring is 100% secure and comes from original and credible sources.

To bring conversions at a higher rate, our Bing display ad experts create quality, creative and catchy post-click landing pages. Not only does this help us transfer traffic from one page to the other, but it also brings more clicks to the table. For businesses that want to be top of mind with a large audience to buy, Bing display ads should be the perfect option for you. Not only does it streamline your PPC strategy, but it also fills the gap and loopholes in your ad campaign. Whether you want to boost positioning, opt into less competition or find a search engine that doesn’t cost a fortune to bring clicks, conversions, and impressions, Bing is the ideal fit for you.

Increasing CTR

Statistics say that more than 87% of internet users are visual learners, which creates incredible opportunities for the success of Bing ads. While increasing reach and improving conversions, our ads specialists also set the bar high by increasing the CTR of Bing Ads.

As per the observations, e-commerce shopping ads on Bing perform better because of the search verticals. Because of this, we directly target high ticket prospects to engage more and more with your products and services, resulting in sales.

By actual means, Bing has already conquered more than half of the search engines and continues to do so. As of now, 34% of the desktop search engine market is accountable to Bing, highlighting its rapid growth.
To stand out from the 5.4 billion monthly searches conducted on Bing every month, our ad specialists are just the right fit for you.

Granular Targeting

Have you ever heard of granular targeting? As one of the best Bing Display Ad agency UK, we use a proven strategy of granular targeting to personalize the campaign at different levels. From network and location to goal, we schedule the ads on the best active times and different time zones, even at the group level.

From iOS to Android, we target all types of users, regardless of the device they use, which helps us understand the audiences better. From pricing, free trials, and content downloads to site link extensions, we offer a bevy of useful features, so the paid search ads always hit the mark when it comes to catching the user’s attention.

Display URL

Unlike Google, Bing brings an audience from all three widely known and used search engines, which are Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. With the help of display URLs, our Bing ad experts display URLs underneath every ad headline to make sure the ad gets maximum visibility.

Next comes the description text. Not only do we excel at creating quality Bing display ads, but we also maximise our creativity. With a helpful SEO keyword research tool, writing and optimising Bing headlines as per the search intent has become easier than before.

Cost-friendly Advertising

Not only in volume, but Bing display ads are also the most compromising option in terms of cost.

Did you know? Bing, as a growing search engine, spends around 20-35% of its AdWords campaign with an average CPC of $7.99. Due to low CPC, ad campaigns in Bing require a fair amount of time to bring conversions or generate sales. Keeping this in mind, our Bing Display ads expert segments the best advertising strategies for you, depending on the CPC.

Convert Faster and Better

Needless to say, advertising on Bing is pretty cheaper and converts better, resulting in active shopping and immediate purchasing decisions.

Whether you need immediate conversions for your location-specific business or to spread brand awareness for more lead generation, SplashSolTech is the perfect help you need.

To help you find the sweet spot, our Bing display ads specialists take care of everything. From tracking performance, analysing, and making amendments, we take charge of everything Variety of ads.

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Bing Display Ads Agency Client Testimonials

Declan McCarthy

“Impressive results! Bing Display Advertising boosted our brand visibility immensely. Highly recommend this service!”

Billy Miller

“Cost-effective and efficient! Our ROI saw a significant rise with Bing Display Advertising. Great job!”

Christopher Pritchard

“Outstanding campaign! Bing Display Advertising team delivered tailored solutions, driving traffic and conversions. A game-changer!”

FAQs About Bing Search Ads Service

Advice from SplashSolTech Experts

1How do you work?

As your partner in performance, we’re just no other advertising agency with low-quality and irrelevant leads that are of no use. At SplashSolTech, we do a comprehensive audit that includes a review of all the big digital marketing channels that you can leverage to grow your business with Bing search ads.

2Can I customise my ads?

When it comes to customisation, it’s hard for any other advertising platform to stand against Bing search ads. Not only does this make us more inclined towards Bing, but it also helps us train our clients to choose from different solutions when customising ads. If you want to stay on top of the search results, it’s important to target ads based on different factors. Such as times and days of the week (ad scheduling), geographic regions, demographics, and much more in between.

3Is Microsoft a PPC paid advertising method?

Yes, it’s true. Microsoft, aka Bing advertising, is a well-known paid advertising system where your bids can be customised. Depending on the number of clicks you want on each ad, we can customise the ads you want. Since Bing is still a smaller fish, it goes without saying that it has less competition and more opportunities to grab the highest position on Bing. Be it a simple low-difficulty keyword or a short-tail generic keyword with high difficulty, beating the competition on Bing will be a piece of cake. Generally, Bing considers 3 major factors to determine the position of an ad for a specific search result. The relevancy of your website landing page The price of your bid compared to competitors As activity and the total number of CTR

4How much does Bing advertising cost?

As said earlier, Bing advertising is more affordable than any other advertising method as of now. Not only, but it also allows cheaper bids by giving the flexibility to lower your maximum bid. As a result, our advertising experts focus on bringing quality over quantity to improve your ad score and place your ad in a better position.

5Can I attract more customers to my website by bong advertising?

Attracting your potential customers is one of our primary goals when running Bing search ads for your businesses. To achieve this milestone, we suggest our clients analyze their budgets and work closely with them to revamp their bid strategy. At SplashSolTech, our successful ads have come from the competitive bid strategy that sticks ads to one position and helps gain more visibility. Next, we expand the targeting sources for the ads, both in terms of geographic region and devices. Once everything looks fine, we again check everything to make sure the ads comply with the website as well as the targeting query your audience is searching for.

5Why is Bing advertising important for your business.

Not a surprise that more than half of the internet users are only familiar with Google as the largest search engine, but times have changed. Microsoft has acquired a massive share of a whopping $1.96 billion search engine market, experiencing a progressive 23% growth year over year when it comes to search advertising. Slowly and gradually, Bing has started gaining traction on the internet, reporting for a whopping 19.7% of the US search market share. With this much potential in search advertising, it’s high time for you to expand your brand reach to customers by running high-quality Bing search ads.

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