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Stay connected to your target audience with a creative remarketing campaign that targets a specific audience for the highest CTR.

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What is a Remarketing Campaign?

If you don’t know about it already, Remarketing is a paid ad approach used by businesses to promote their brand to their targeted customers. As the name says, remarketing campaign services are an excellent way to connect to your audience that regularly engages with your brand.

With specially designed visually-appealing ads, you can easily and effortlessly keep your brand in front of an audience by retargeting them through the Google display network. Remarketing is also one of the most affordable PPC ad options for companies that wish to maximise their paid marketing budget. Compared to general ads, PPC generates far better click-through rates and a high return on investment.

Did you know? Only about 2% of website visitors convert the first time they visit a site, while the others leave with or without taking action. When it comes to a running profitable Remarketing Campaign, SplashSolTech is sure to grab the spotlight with its world-class reputation. Our advertising and remarketing specialists hold years of experience and can help you reach more people to enhance revenue.

At SplashSolTech, our ad experts gain a thorough understanding of your audience and target them depending on their interests. As a result, we ensure the success of your remarketing campaigns by personalising your messaging to specific audiences that enhance the overall conversion rates.

As a trustworthy Remarketing Campaign agency UK, we can also develop an automated messaging system based on the consumer’s location in the sales funnel. We also send out high-converting messages to the interested audience at the right times.

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Take Your Sales Sky High with Remarketing Campaign

A pay-per-click service to help you uncover hidden gaps and achieve excellent click-through rate and conversion rate.

Why is a Remarketing Campaign Important?

Remarketing helps businesses create an effective cross-device strategy to target users across multiple platforms. As consumers proceed with their online journey, remarketing allows businesses to keep showing them relevant ads across multiple devices and platforms.

Through the magic of campaigning and managing targeted advertising for your business, SplashSolTech can drastically enhance your leads and direct sales. Reaching out to people on the internet has never been easier without remarketing campaigns.

Our remarketing services promise steady growth to help your business convert more customers by providing an immediate insight into search patterns and your clients’ consumerist inclinations. With SplashSolTech, it’s time to stop limiting your progress and start prioritizing your business from today.


Relevant Targeting & Reduced Ad Fatigue

Relevant remarketing campaigns are a highly effective and lucrative method of increasing conversions by converting an audience interested in your business. Your site is more likely to lead the consumer to take the desired action through this, such as buying a high-ticket product or others.

For example: If your websites sells dresses and if a user is searching on Google for a red dress with your brand name, chances are higher for your products to appear in the search results. Our remarketing campaign experts capitalize on the customer’s search intent.

We ensure our emarketing ads are current and relevant to your audience’s search habits, reducing ad budget and increasing ROI.

SplashSolTech collaborates closely with your brand to learn about your brand and targeted audience. We also highlight your buyers’ journey with the help of collected quality data which helps us influence their decision to buy.


Amazing Brand Exposure

At SplashSolTech, our remarketing campaign experts create well-designed display remarketing banners while adding a personal touch to them. Not only does this help us increase your brand awareness, but it also ensures that your company stands out from the crowd.

As a result, you’ll get an instant boost in your target audience’s trust and increase the likelihood of bringing your business to the spotlight. We have PPC AdWords Remarketing professionals and designers to produce a brand-focused retargeting and display ad campaign.

Our Remarketing campaigns are specifically tailored to your brand’s style, colours, and tone of voice to promote brand awareness.

As a professional remarketing Campaign agency based in the UK, we’ll get your brand to reach a larger audience of more intent-driven audiences to convert into high-paying customers. Our remarketing experts go above the mile to ensure that we’re targeting the right audience. Our smart remarketing programmes are specifically tailored to your business and are proven to boost conversions that enhance the overall revenue.


Long Sales Cycle

If you’re someone in the B2B industry, chances are that you probably have come across complex sales funnels that could potentially turn off the customers. Our remarketing campaign experts invest sufficient time and effort into creating strategies that bring outright sales. In addition to that, we also leverage the power of remarketing to help your audience make converting decisions along the buying journey.

As a leading remarketing agency in the UK, we keep thing simple and walk the audience through the stages of: visiting the site, browsing categories, viewing products, adding to cart and purchasing.

This simple approach results in a higher conversion rate for your company.

Personalised Ad Remarketing

At SplashSolTech, businesses now have the option to invest in personalized ad remarketing to appear on other websites. Our expert remarketing campaign specialists track search users’ behaviour and intent, so you are always right while tracking your targeted audience.

Whether it’s persuading consumers to return to your website or convert them, we personalize your search remarketing wording and product features with the power of display AdWords remarketing. Here, we pay close attention to visual stimulation to grab your customer’s eyeballs and convert the purchase.

As a professional Remarketing Agency UK, SplashSolTech also does a great job personalizing your retargeted advertising. With special features, we target your brand demographics and interests. Your brand directly speaks to your target audience.

Our experts use manual and automated tools to create custom campaigns that bring more profit to the table.

All this combined helps businesses achieve high ROI from PPC campaigns with strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid search marketing (PPC), and social media marketing (SMM).

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Remarketing Agency Client Testimonials

Scott Hopkins

“Remarkable results! Our ROI skyrocketed with their Remarketing Campaign Services. A game-changer!”

Isabelle Godfrey

“Efficient and cost-effective. Their Remarketing campaigns re-engaged our audience, boosting conversions.”

Jamie Sims

“Top-notch service! Their Remarketing expertise breathed new life into our marketing strategy. Highly recommend!”

FAQs About Our Remarketing Service

Advice from SplashSolTech Experts

1Why should I use remarketing?

Nobody would like to waste money running ads with impressions that don’t convert. Through remarketing campaigns, we help you target customers who’re also the visitors of your website but left without converting. We use the collected information to attract the audience by giving them the chance to convert.

2How much does remarketing cost?

A golden rule of advertising is to segment the interested audience of your brand and remarket your offers to them in an interesting way. Remarketing costs depend on the number of people you want to reach, how long they’re exposed to your ads, and how often they see them. At SplashSolTech, our system automatically optimizes campaigns for maximum performance at the lowest possible cost.

3When should search advertising employ a remarketing list?

You should utilise a remarketing list when you want to target specific demographics with your search advertisements. Having a list guarantees you have the people on your list who are most likely to convert.

4What are the benefits of a remarketing campaign?

At SplashSolTech, our remarketing campaign ad experts help you create customised ads that target past visitors of your website to build a relationship with them. We also make maximum use of our years of experience in digital marketing strategies and techniques for custom-built ad campaigns.

Also, check out our other PPC services such as Bing search ads, Google search ads, Bing display ads, Google display ads, Amazon marketing, Google shopping, native ads, and PPC audit.

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