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An ROI Focused Facebook Advertising Agency

According to the data released by DataArePortal in January 2022, Facebook has close to 3 billion active users, making Facebook the most powerful and popular social media platform globally. Facebook connects billions of people with their friends and hundreds of thousands of brands with their consumers.

From Amazon to Google, nearly every big business in the world had its share of experience in marketing on Facebook. But, driving results from this highly-competitive platform is no walk in the park. We’ve luckily got the solutions if you’re in the same boat.

As a professional, experienced, and expert Facebook advertising agency, we help you connect with your target market and grow your customer base. Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of brands find their feet on Facebook with the latest automation tools, attention-grabbing strategies, and effective approaches that deliver quality results.

Whether it’s your first month of Facebook advertising or you’ve not started yet, we’re here to help you grow at every stage so you don’t feel lost. Splash Sol Tech’s Facebook advertising services are designed to help you get noticed on the world’s leading social media application to get more leads and conversions.

We understand that Facebook advertising can be a complex subject, especially because of the high competition. But as an innovative Facebook advertising agency, we know the hooks to every problem.

We offer a wide range of Facebook advertising services, including increasing engagement improving conversions and hooking your target audience to converting them into brand loyalists. We have Facebook advertising solutions for every business. We help you make the best of this paid social media channel so you can send a strong statement to your fellow competitors.

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Targeted Facebook Advertising

Low budget, targeted campaigns and highest return on investments. Get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Our Facebook Advertising Service?

Leverage the power of Facebook advertising to make your social advertising budget work for your brand’s success. Use Facebook ads to connect with your audience and share valuable content to solve people’s problems so your brand outshines your competitors.


Targeting and remarketing

With over a 2.9 billion user base, Facebook is one of the number one social media platform for you to convey your brand voice to a larger audience.

At Congizantt, we spend time filtering your audience based on user demographics, locations, interests, and other factors. Next, we use Facebook Pixel to track your website visitors and conversions to craft a tailored Facebook advertising strategy for your brand. From increasing your audience engagement to finding a new audience, we convey your brand message and bring your offering into the spotlight for enhanced visibility.

With effective advertising strategies, we not only target your ideal buyer but also remarket them by creating a do-or-die situation.


Lead generation

Lead generation can often be one of the most sophisticated subjects to deal with, but not with a solid Facebook advertising agency at your back. With impressive, practical, and approachable strategies, we are sure to bring successful results to the table.

Whether generating high-quality leads or improving website traffic, we’ve got the hacks and solutions for every problem to skyrocket your business growth. All this combined with our years of experience, promotes steady growth of your business so that you can enjoy the process alongside.


Leverage Facebook advertising to drive ROI

ROI, also known as return on investment, is one of the most attractive benefits of Facebook advertising. With the help of visually appealing content, including images, videos, and carousels, we craft interesting hooks for your business that are sure to ignite curiosity in your audience.

Whether it’s showcasing your product creatively or creating a service page for your business, we take care of all the little attention to detail. As a result, we work closely with other metrics and reports to drive audience engagement and conversions to expand your brand reach and connect you directly with your audience. Not only does Facebook advertising help you create brand loyalty, but it also drives CTR by regularly sharing valuable content on your Facebook business page.

Facebook Advertising Services & More

Facebook Advertising

Make your official Facebook business page and grow your audience by offering real value to the audience with compelling, well-researched and interesting content that grabs attention.

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LinkedIn Advertising

Whether you’re a B2-B or a B2C business, use the power of LinkedIn to build your brand, attract leads and capture new audiences without spending a fortune.

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Instagram Advertising

Leverage the power of influencer marketing on Instagram with an attractive Instagram account and interact with other businesses. Share, consume and value eye-catching content to connect with your audience, build brand loyalty and convert your audience to skyrocket product sales.

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Youtube Advertising

Create hard-to-resist visually appealing content for your viewers which makes them click, convert and enjoy the content, resulting in massive traffic which means more money flowing in.

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TikTok Advertising

Find your feet into the world’s largest growing social media platform with a user base of millions. Create short and compelling TikTok videos and drive campaigns that help you grow your audience and showcase a product or service to a large customer base.

Twitter Advertising

Bring your brand into the spotlight and involve in top-notch business conversations with leading industry experts. Join the Twitter army and share your valuable insights on different topics to find a large audience here.

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SplashSol’s Social Media Advertising Agency Client Testimonials

Patrick Simmons

“Incredible results! This agency transformed our ad campaigns. Sales skyrocketed within weeks. Highly recommended!”

Daniel Howarth

“Top-notch service! They cracked the Facebook Ads code for us. Our ROI has never been better. Truly impressed!”

Tyler Howell

“Exceptional expertise! Our ads are now targeted and cost-effective. A game-changer for our business. Thank you!”

FAQs About our Facebook Advertising Service

Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1How do I advertise on Facebook?

Advertising on a highly competitive platform like Facebook can be a hard nut to crack, especially if it’s your first time exploring the online space. As a responsible Facebook advertising agency, our team of advertising experts craft a personalised advertising package so you can achieve your brand goals by spotting the right target market in the first shot. From smart startups to large enterprises, we’re experts in advertising on Facebook so that you can make the most of this globally visited platform. Needless to say, Facebook brings a goldmine of opportunities for you to optimise your business for growth in reach and sales.

2How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

Not to mention that Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest avenues to invest your money for better returns. Not only does this help you reap the maximum benefits of Facebook organic and paid advertising, but it also expands your customer base, which skyrockets your overall revenue. From diving deep into your industry to analysing your competitors, we have eyes on all the overall metrics as a leading Facebook advertising company. With the help of this, we calculate the average cost per click, overall budget, and bid strategy to help you invest less and enjoy more.

3How will Facebook advertising benefit my business?

Facebook is no less than a gold mine of incredible opportunities to benefit your business in one way or the other. Whether you want to expand your audience or kick off your Facebook advertising campaign, we are ready to grow your user base. With an average of 72% British and 64% Americans using Facebook daily, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes and industries reach their maximum potential on Facebook. Unlike our competitors, we don’t ask you to spend a fortune advertising on this largest social media user base. Instead, we can help you invest smartly within your budget. With out-of-the-box ideas, we fulfil the pipeline with your targeted users so that you can race past your competitors. With improved traffic, conversion, and awareness to a larger audience, it’s time to take your business to unmatched heights.

4Can you create a Facebook advertising plan to promote my new product launch?

Yes, we can. Out of the many things that make you stand out, we specialise in creating tailored Facebook advertising plans to convey your brand message. Whether you’ve had to launch your all-in-one exclusive product or run seasonal campaigns, we know how to use the power of Facebook in the right place. After discussing it with experts, we will suggest edits to your existing strategy and let you tap into the power of Facebook. Let’s bring high-converting opportunities for your business that help you target your ideal customer and sell products to fill the void in the market. Sounds interesting? Please fill out the form below so we can proceed further and book an appointment with one of our Facebook advertising specialists to give you better clarity on your decisions.

5Do you deliver UK-wide Facebook advertising services?

Yes, we do. We’re one of the leading UK-wide Facebook advertising services to deal with all local and international Facebook advertising. Over the years, we’ve derived results through hundreds of different Facebook advertising experiments to find out what works best for your business. As a leading Facebook advertising UK agency, we’re here to help you extract all the golden advantages of your Facebook advertising to skyrocket your business revenue and conversion rate. We also provide Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and other social media advertising services.

Get in Contact with Our Facebook Ad Experts

If that has been running on your mind, don’t wait a minute longer to fill out the form below and experience real social media growth for months only. Our social media agency consultants are always waiting for you to help you make the most of your business and achieve your marketing goals with the right tips and tactics.

We’re all ears out, so ping us, and we’ll try our best to get back to you. Though we are experts in digital marketing, our all-inclusive advertising agency also helps you wherever it’s needed. Not only do we go above the mile to establish you on popular social media platforms. However, we also keep an eagle eye on the upcoming opportunities that can be fruitful for your business. Whatever your needs and desires are, you’ll always find our team of marketing experts by your side.

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