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Supercharge your brand’s digital presence with our social media advertising agency. We specialize in crafting targeted, engaging campaigns that drive results. Our expert team leverages data-driven strategies to boost brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. Transform your social media into a powerhouse marketing tool with us and thrive in the digital landscape.

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An ROI Focused Social Media Advertising Agency

In the emerging world of social media, we all use it to connect with friends and family. But not everyone knows the right way to leverage the power of social media when it comes to taking your business to the next level.

That’s where you need reliable social media advertising services to fight digital challenges and be a step ahead of your competitors.

Let’s face it; you want your business to attract more prospects, convert them into leads, and make more money. But that isn’t possible without a strong online presence.

As a highly experienced, professional, and renowned social media marketing agency, we’re here to breathe life into your dull online presence. So it drives more traffic, revenue, and sales, scaling your business from zero to unmatched heights.

On top of all this, we use effective strategies to set you on top of your competitors and build strong connections with other business startups.

If your business is screaming out for these services, don’t waste time with those one-size-fits-all approaches that are all bark and no bite. Instead, let us walk you through our fully comprehensive social media advertising packages that can do wonders for your online presence.

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Elevate your brand with our social media ads. Targeted campaigns, maximum impact. Boost awareness, engagement, and conversions with our expertise.

Our Social Media Advertising Process


Tactical Approach

If you’ve got a budget to spend, using paid social media advertising services to build your online presence doesn’t sound like a bad idea. From creating brand awareness and expanding a loyal customer base to drawing attention to your brand, paid social media advertising is the future.

Our expert social media advertisers rejuvenate your brand’s presence and success by promoting products in a creative, attractive, and audible way.


Customised Posting Plan

As surprising as it sounds, approximately 75% of businesses fail to build their online presence because of not posting in a timely manner with consistency. Luckily, that won’t is the case with us, as our social media advertisers will comprehensively research the best times to post, especially when your audience engages.

To add more, we also dive deep into your business analytics to find what’s trending about your business. To help you stand out, we also eye your competitors and produce content that resonates with your audience, as well as solves their problems.


Sharing Value

Whether you agree or not, the most difficult task of building an online presence is creating a hook that stops your viewer and engages your content. For that reason, you need creative, interesting, and valuable content that your audience loves to enjoy after a long day at work. However, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Our social media management team goes above the mile to produce out-of-the-box content in all audio, visual, and written forms, so you never have your feed left empty. Want to hear more? We also build your buyer persona and device brand-focused content that breathes life into your dull feed.


Targeted & Focused

No matter the value you’re sharing, it won’t help you grow your business unless it doesn’t instantly connect with your audience’s interests and needs. Be it building strong connections or creating brand loyalty, it’s important to target your audience and devise relevant strategies that meet your ideal customers.


Monitor, Optimise, and Refine

According to recent data, a person spends an average of 147 minutes per day on social media, enjoying more than 1000 posts that get uploaded on the internet every second. With so much competition, your chances of finding feet on social media are only reasonable if you’ve fresh content to share. To save your time and efforts, our social media advertising agency churns off the best trends for your business to find your true space. Not only this, but we also keep a sharp eye on your competitors to find new content ideas that are gaining traction on the internet. Level up your social media game with us.


Full-Service Digital Marketing Expertise

Though we are experts in digital marketing, our all-inclusive advertising agency also helps you wherever it’s needed. Not only do we go above the mile to establish you on popular social media platforms. But we also keep an eagle eye on upcoming opportunities that can be fruitful for your business. Whatever your needs and desires are, you’ll always find our team of marketing experts by your side.

More than Your Average Social Media Advertising Service

Social Audit

The first social audit can create or break your chances of finding your feet on any social media platform. This is the step where you set realistic and achievable social media goals, calculate your strengths & weaknesses, and lastly, make a plan to elevate your brand position. Already sounds too much for you to cover? Don’t worry; our social media marketing services get you covered.

We take care of everything from tracking your engagement metrics to customising paid social media advertising services according to your brand’s needs. Our audit also includes an in-depth review of your audience, competitors, content quality, and web pages design, so we can read the numbers and know your current position and progress.

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Facebook Advertising

Did you know over 1.62 billion internet users log in to Facebook every day, and more than 77% of them are above the age of 30-50. Facebook is where your ideal customer hangs out after office hours. Whether you’re a small startup looking for organic traffic or a well-established brand to grow with paid ads, our Facebook advertising service will increase your audience in no time.

With creative, catchy, and clear content, we drive your engagement rate up and help you build a strong connection with your targeted audience. Together, we spread your brand awareness for increased sales and lay the foundation for a strong Facebook presence that leads to your marketing success.

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LinkedIn Advertising

Gone are the days LinkedIn was only for recruiters to hire people, but times have changed. Today, LinkedIn is home to many B2-B and B2C businesses to expand their reach for a diversified customer base.

We connect you with your prospects using our tried and tested LinkedIn social media advertising with all these solid strategies. This ultimately results in better lead generation, higher traffic, strong connections, and more.

A well-optimised LinkedIn business account is more likely to get the spotlight and professionally represent yourself. And that’s what we do to make the situation a win-win for you.

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Instagram Advertising

Instagram makes up over 40% of the total social media traffic from big brands, leaving behind Twitter and LinkedIn.

From e-commerce brands to retail businesses, Instagram can help you level up your marketing game, draw more audience, flood traffic and bring in more revenue to the table.

We’re experts in Instagram advertising, especially when it comes to increasing your social worth to build a larger audience. Whether it’s marketing shelf products with visually appealing sales-oriented content or going with organic advertising, we make the right moves for your business.

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Youtube Advertising

With over a billion users worldwide, Youtube sets itself as one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, hyped for its overnight fame and success. Using the power of Youtube, we’ve helped several businesses take their business to unmatched heights with valuable, creative, and short or long Youtube videos. At Splash Sol Tech, we try our best to open doors of opportunities for your business and build a unique social identity that rapidly increases your brand sales.

If that’s your long-term goal, don’t hesitate to book our Youtube advertising services and use the creative and collaborative advantage of Youtube to build your brand. From making an impressive brand profile to driving engagement and identifying your consumer market, we accelerate the game of marketing for you.

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Twitter Advertising

From Elon Musk to Steve Jobs, Twitter is home to millions of successful business typhoons and entrepreneurs with a goldmine of opportunities for your business to pop out. After Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is the best option to help you develop an authentic brand voice and interact directly with your audience for better relationships.

Another impressive thing about Twitter is that you can monitor your performance and convert the audience by speaking the voice of your brand. The best part? It doesn’t ask for a fortune.

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Partner with the Best Social Media Advertising Agency

The numbers don’t lie.

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69% increase in organic revenue

We helped Research Prospect see their online sales number soaring within a few months.

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+ 300% increase in organic traffic

The website traffic jumped by over 300% once we completed the on-page optimisation.

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1738 New keywords

See how we helped increase their visibility in search engines.

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Ready to use the power of social media advertising to boost your business?

Why Choose Splash Sol Tech Social Media Marketing Services?

Social media speaks volumes for your business

Strategic Social Media Marketing

Here at Splash Sol Tech, we take care of all of your digital marketing hassles with creativity, affordability, client-centric approach to delivering real-time tangible results. So you can make the most of your business and money to reach unmatched heights.

Creative & Fresh Social Media Content

We stand out from the crowd by providing your business with a unique identity with customised special media marketing services. If that doesn’t sound like enough, we’re also experts in paid social ads, special media advertising strategies, and organic traffic methods to level your marketing game.

Targeted & Focused Social Advertising Approach

Our focused strategies, strong KPIs, and extraordinary expertise will help you build your brand and sustain your online presence with paid social media opportunities. We’re market competitive and partner with several small and large businesses. This helps you expand your customer reach, flood traffic to your website, skyrocket sales, and increase brand awareness with achievable marketing goals.

Social Media Advertising Partners

We’re more than a social media advertising agency to cover everything you can ask for. From strategic paid social media advertising services, fresh social media content design, and audience targeting strategies to real-time engagement and goal-focused social campaigns, we’re your all-in-one marketing agency.

SplashSol’s Social Media Advertising Agency Client Testimonials

Leon Conway

“Impressive results! Our business saw a significant boost in engagement and sales after partnering with this agency. Their creative strategies really set them apart!”

Luke Bull

“Top-notch service! The team at this agency knows the UK market inside out. They’ve helped us reach our target audience effectively, leading to a surge in brand visibility.”

Michael Bowen

“Highly recommended! This agency’s expertise in social media advertising is unparalleled. They’ve transformed our online presence and brought in a steady stream of leads. Excellent work!”

FAQs About our Social Media Advertising Service

Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1FAQs About our Social Media Advertising Service?

There’s no doubt that social media is a goldmine for business that wants to gain publicity through different social media platforms. With consistent posting, pitching, and tracking results, we exceed your expectations by doing everything you expect. Give your social media presence into safe hands with us, and trust us with the process of growing your audience. Long story short – we want to help your audience hear your brand voice and take your business to the next level.

2Which platforms should I have a social media presence on?

Let’s face it, we all want to grow our social media, but knowing which platform is the best for your business can be a hard nut to crack. That’s where we again come to your rescue. As a leading social media agency, we’ve learned the ins and outs of many media platforms to filter out the best one for your business and audience market. After thorough research, we narrow down the best options for you where your audience hangs out and can engage with you. If you’re a lifestyle business or a clothing brand, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook would be the most compromising option for your business needs. Whereas, if you’re running a B2B business, a professional platform like LinkedIn can help you grow and flourish.

3Do I need a paid social marketing budget?

Yes, you do. If you want to scale your social media presence in less time and effort through paid marketing, you will need a solid paid marketing budget to bring your business into the spotlight in less time than expected. At Splash Sol Tech, we hold special paid marketing expertise under our belt to help enterprises convert more customers through paid ads. Needless to say, special paid media marketing has done wonders for many businesses and can do the same for you with a bit of strategic planning and the right execution that only experts can do for you.

4Can you have the same social media strategy for different social channels?

The straightforward answer is no. Like you can’t feed the same content to your audience, the same way you can’t use the same social media strategy for different social channels and expect an incredible response. Therefore, we go above and beyond to create content that touches the pain point of your audience and draws their attention to grow your brand fast.

5How does paid social marketing work?

If you’ve never leveraged the power of paid social media advertising, now is the high time to do so. We work closely with the brand in paid special media marketing and consistently post ads that compel your audience and buy from you. Next, it’s time to track the metrics and make changes accordingly that would make your business audience engage with you. With the gradual increase in engagement, followers, and sales, we will plan the next pack of strategies for you to keep your audience engaged in your product offerings.

6My Twitter doesn’t perform as well as my Facebook. Can you help?

Yeah, sure. Why not! Our work isn’t limited to building your social media presence from scratch. But we also breathe life into your dying followers and hook the audience up with fresh brand exposure. Our experts give valuable insights into your media accounts, find loopholes, and work on them for long-term success. After a detailed audit and investigation, we will re-brand your account with things that worked well for you through A/B testing. Other strategies will be discussed mutually with the client to make sure we are both on the same page.

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