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SEO website migration designed to enable businesses to migrate their site to a brand new theme with minimal damage to the SEO performance.

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An Expert Website Migration Company

If your old website design and user experience hinder your search engine progress, then it’s time for you to upgrade your website for improved visibility and SEO performance. Website migration can be of many different types, including but not limited to UX/UI updates, user experience design changes, structural and content modifications, platform changes, site location changes, and URL structure focused changes. URL changes could be inevitable in some website migration cases to enhance your website’s technical SEO and search engine visibility.

Our website migration experts can handle all types of website migration requirements. Whether you need to migrate just the content or require a complete overhaul including changes to the site structure, top-level domain, subdomains, content categories or subcategories, design, protocol, mobile optimisation or the technology platform – with our professional website migration services, you can be confident that we will do our best to complete the migration process without harming your existing SERP rankings.

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Trusted All-in-one Website Migration Services

Take advantage of our professional seo website migration services to get ahead of your competition.

Why Choose Our SEO Website Migration Service

An outdated design and content can harm your SEO rankings. Don’t let poor optimisation and outdated technology ruin your business growth. Let our experts migrate your website to help you increase your traffic and sales.


Improved User Experience

With a new state of the art website and advanced SEO strategy implementation, you will provide an excellent user experience to your website visitors, which will lead to more sales and conversions. Our website migration experts, including designers, developers, and marketers, ensure a robust user experience on your website whilst minimising the effects of migration on your search engine rankings. Search engines like websites that clear the “web core web vitals” test. By optimising your web pages for mobile responsiveness and on-page technical SEO, your website user experience will improve, and you will experience a boost to your brand visibility in Google, Bing, and other search portals.


Enhanced Search Engine Rankings & Visibility

One of the reasons you might be interested in our website migration service is to improve your search engine rankings and visibility. We develop a comprehensive plan for migrating every individual element and functionality on your website without harming the existing positions. This is especially important for the first few weeks of modification. However, website migration provides long-term gains in the form of improved user experience and navigation, higher search engine rankings, and boost your business’s visibility. By working with a leading website migration in the UK, you can ensure that your website is in safe hands. Once our migration team has applied all the required changes and modifications, your website will come to the top of the SERPs.


Better Security & Easy Maintenance

Website security is perhaps the number one reason web admins decide to migrate. Suppose you are looking for an authentic and trusted website migration service to improve the security features on your website and move it to a secure HTTPS website. In that case, Splash Sol Tech specialists can help achieve your goals without harming your SEO rankings. Provide a safe user experience and build high customer trust levels to get ahead of the competition. Website migration services are particularly in demand in the retail and eCommerce industry, where buyers are often concerned about using their credit card details.

More than an SEO Website Migration Agency

Website Migration

With our website migration service, you can update the design, content, platform, structure, interlinking, location and platform without losing SEO rankings.

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SEO Audit

Get an in-depth insight into your website SEO performance with our SEO Audit service. We will highlight SEO errors, growth opportunities, and more.

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Technical SEO

Our highly skilled team of SEO experts will ensure that all the technical elements of your website are optimised for SEO to improve your visibility in search engines.

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Local SEO

Maximise your marketing SEO services by targeting local terms and updating your business profiles with the appropriate information and coding to boost your SEO advertising and increase local traffic and sales.

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eCommerce SEO

Drive new customers to your website and get more sales and conversions for your eCommerce store with an expert eCommerce SEO strategy in place.

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Reputation Management

Our reputation management experts manage and maintain your online business profiles. We remove negative fake reviews from your profile pages to increase customer trust.

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Analytics allow you to gain a deep insight into how customers reach your pages. One way to improve SEO is to view your highest converting pages and optimise them even more.

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SplashSol’s WordPress Service Client Testimonials

Joseph Nixon

“Flawless migration! Our website transition was seamless, thanks to their expertise. Highly recommended for hassle-free service.”

Samuel Kemp

“Impressive work! They ensured zero downtime during our website migration. Trustworthy and efficient team.”

Grace North

“Outstanding service! Their website migration expertise saved us time and headaches. A top choice for smooth transitions.”

FAQs About Our SEO Website Migration Service

Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1What is Website Migration?

Website migration is modifying to completely changing the content, design, functionality, or another component of your digital marketing strategy. Website migration for old websites is often inevitable to improve search engine rankings and visibility. Website migration includes, but is not limited to URL changes, changes to the SEO content, UX and UX design alterations switching to a new technology platform, and the site’ location. At Splash Sol Tech, we offer a fully custom website migration service that can tailor the needs of your business’s unique KPIs. Our experts can develop a hybrid website migration strategy that involves both the technical and creative aspects of SEO. As a trusted website migration service, we provide a free consultation service to present a clear and detailed review of your website.

2What is Splash Sol Tech’s website migration service?

Splash Sol Tech is a leading website migration company. Our team of experts know the challenges of website migration, and they will take you through each element of the migration plan so you can be sure that the changes will positively impact your SEO goals. All you need to do is get in contact with one of our experts, and we will tailor the website migration service to satisfy the requirements of your website. In general, we follow a simple three-step process as follows:

  • Taking backup for your root domain, subdomains, folders and subfolders.
  • Starting the website migration and uploading the backups to the new server.
  • Review your new website map and conduct thorough testing before launching. Sending customers to the new website through redirection

3Why is website migration important for your business?

Website migration is the process of upgrading, modifying and changing the complete website or some parts of it. Website migration could be essential for old websites struggling to achieve higher visibility in search engines due to poor user experience and outdated site design. The critical aspects of a website migration strategy are changing the URL, updating the content, improving the design and interlink architecture, and enhancing the technical SEO. As a trusted website migration agency, we provide a clear and straightforward website migration plan to know what changes we will make and the following results.

4How long will the website migration take?

The time it takes to complete the whole website migration process depends on your website’s current size, structure, and performance. Slow and steady wins the race. At Splash Sol Tech, our website migration experts keep things simple. They review your website in detail and indicate the technical changes required based on the size and complexity of the task. Next, they will provide a timeframe for completing the website migration process. Haste makes waste. So we ensure to pay attention to the details and carry out the migration correctly without missing out on any important area that may need to upgrade.

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