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What Are the Benefits of a Content Audit?

They say Content is King in Digital Marketing. While search engines rely on a range of ranking factors such as backlinks, website UX & UI, social signals, business age, and more, content still remains the key ranking factor. You cannot crush the SEO game if your content is weak and beyond the scope of your business’s aims and objectives.

Splash Sol Tech’s content audit aims to systematically review the content on your website to highlight areas of weakness against your sales and conversion goals. Our content experts check your website’s content for keyword gaps, user intent, keyword targeting, structure, coherence, and more to help you improve the visibility of your business in search engines and SERP ranking.

Our content audit is designed to evaluate the usefulness of the content of your website and enhance the quality to improve your search engine visibility and drive more sales and conversions. Our experts review every single page and post on your website to determine how content improvements can improve your position in search engines, fulfill users’ intent, and build a powerful brand image in the eyes of every single visitor.

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Use our content auditing services to find out what is working and what is not working for your business? We help you find new opportunities, engage with your target customers, and optimise your on-page content.

Our Content Audit Process

We take a simple three-step approach to optimise your content strategy to achieve improved user engagement and SERP ranking. Our content specialists specifically look at the use of keywords in the content, headings, title, content duplication, and other on-page ranking factors to ensure you are not missing out on keyword and content opportunities.


The Content Must Satisfy the User Intent

It is true that the content of your website needs to be written for another human being. However, at the same time, we cannot overlook how search engines’ crawl bots view your content. There are two key areas of interest here: how your content sounds to a human reader and how search engines crawlers view it. In essence, we need to make sure that the content is well optimised for search engines and human beings. In a nutshell, your content should be engaging, useful, professional, informative, reliable, and keep the reader hooked. When we conduct a content audit, we identify content gaps and new areas of interest that will help you optimise your future content in a way that grabs the attention of your audience.


Expert Use of Target Keyword or Phrase

Content marketing requires keyword optimisation and keyword mapping. If your content lacks keyword targeting, it may not have the impact you are hoping for. Our digital content audit services point out areas where keyword mapping is weak and also identify new keyword opportunities so your website can rank for new keywords that you would have otherwise disregarded. Optimise your keyword targeting with our content audit service to push your website higher up the search engine ranking and get your message through to potential customers out there. We guarantee that the review of keyword usage and content structure completed by our experts can guide you towards SEO success and a higher conversion rate.


Developing Unique, Powerful and Relevant Content

A thorough analysis of the content of your website will help you figure out whether you are truly providing the information your audience is looking for. For example, you might want to ask yourself if your content provides all the required information for the buyer starting from introducing your brand to making their purchase on your website? Knowing what information your customers need will enable you to develop more useful content and keep the visitors hooked. Every single piece of content, whether a sales pitch or an informative blog post, serves a unique purpose, and this is where our SEO content writers team comes into the picture. Learn more about our copywriting service here.

Splash Sol Tech’s Content Marketing Services

Content Audit

Our content marketing experts offer a comprehensive audit of your existing content to upscale search engine rankings. The content assessment will help us with essential metrics and KPIs on what works best for your target audience. Our content marketing services offer full-stack content audit solutions, ranging from evaluating current strategy to conducting competitor analysis and much more in between.

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SEO Content

At Splash Sol Tech, we also offer special SEO copywriting services to optimise the copy to attract a maximum audience, convert your business value, and outshines your competitors on the web.

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SplashSol’s Client Testimonials

Sofia Bates

“Content Audit was a game-changer! Identified gaps, optimized existing content, and boosted our online presence.”

Isabella Higgins

“Incredible insights from the Content Audit! Improved SEO, engaged readers, and increased traffic.”

Georgia Weston

“A must for content strategy! Content Audit pinpointed areas for improvement, leading to higher conversions.”

FAQs About Our Content Audit Service

Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1How can a content audit help my business?

A content audit will give an immense boost to your digital marketing campaign. Even when you have done everything right but your content is weak and out of place, you can’t expect to achieve your business aims and goals. As a trustworthy content audit agency, we have come up with a simple three-step process where our experts conduct an in-depth analysis of your website content, identify keyword opportunities that can help you obtain additional traffic, find content topic gaps, and indicate quick fixes. Optimising the content for target keywords and phrases can have a profound effect on your SERP ranking and overall search engine visibility. Our content experts will work closely with you to help you create useful content for search engines and human readers.

2What does Splash Sol Tech’s content audit service covers?

Our content audit service consists of three simple steps:

  • Creating content that keeps the readers engaged and answers their queries.
  • Make expert use of target keywords and phrases.
  • Keyword optimisation and content structure adjustments for the unique powerful, relevant content
  • By making small improvements to your existing content, you can have enhanced search engine visibility for your brand, which will turn into more sales and conversions.

3How do I request a content audit from Splash Sol Tech?

Ordering a content audit from our experts is quick and simple. All you need to do is fill out our contact form below to book a free consultation with our team and get started. Before we carry out the content audit, one of our experts will have a one-on-one discussion with you to understand the message of your brand and your business’s long-term goals. We will conduct a detailed SEO content analysis of all the key areas of your website copy and deliver a detailed content audit report that will clearly indicate the areas that need improvements and a plan for how to implement those improvements.

4Do you provide a content audit report?

Yes, we will provide a content audit report at the end of the content audit process. The report will show how you can improve your content strategy to have a higher search engine visibility. If your existing content isn’t performing well or converting visitors into sales, you have got to go back to the basics and yourself – is your content helpful and informative? We believe that we shouldn’t keep our eyes closed and take all the necessary steps to make your content useful for the target audience and optimise it for target keywords and phrases. The SEO content audit report we will deliver will encompass all the key areas of the content audit so you can improve your content strategy to get ahead. Some of the aspects that will be covered in the report will include cannibalization reviews, content gap ideas and keywords mapping.

5Do you provide content auditing services worldwide?

Even though we are a UK-based company and a large portion of our clientele is also UK-based, we serve clients from all over the world. Whether you are based in the USA, Japan, Europe, Australia, Middle-East, or another part of the world, our experts will know your business, dig deep to find opportunities, and help you get ahead of your competitors.

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