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The Best Twitter Advertising Agency

Although smaller than Facebook and Instagram, Twitter advertising is one of the most prominent traffic sources for small businesses, large enterprises, and all types and sizes of companies.

With the swift increase in Twitter users, the platform today reports a whopping 330 million user base. From Tesla to Apple, nearly every big brand has its share of experience using Twitter while complying with the guidelines of this platform.

Whether your goal is to spread brand awareness or build your brand presence, Twitter advertising promises you massive business exposure. In a nutshell, Twitter helps you attract a relevant audience to your business and connect with other high-profile brand owners.

How Can SplashSol Help You?

If you’ve not yet untapped the power of Twitter, it’s high time to consider Twitter advertising with the help of a reliable Twitter advertising agency. In short, Twitter is the go-to place for businesses to take their brand to the next level and share tweets about trending topics. Here, you’ll possibly meet with some of the best high-profile professionals, including Trump, Biden, Elon Musk, and many others.

However, advertising on Twitter is no walk in the park, especially if your business is having a hard time converting audiences into high-paying customers.As a trusted Twitter advertising agency, Splash Sol Tech is your go-to place to reap all the benefits of Twitter advertising by devising organic and paid strategies. Whatever strategy we use, our Twitter advertising services are designed to stack your business on top of your competitors.

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Make your Way to Social Media

From tracking your social media metrics, building an impressive strategy, and segmenting your audience to monitoring your social media success, we help you connect with everyone on social media.

Why is Twitter Advertising Important?

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter advertising also holds immense importance to keep you updated about the latest trends going around in the world. Compared to other social media marketing platforms, Twitter beings faster results when connecting with other authority brands to help you in your business growth. As the best Twitter advertising agency, we take sufficient time to understand your business needs, target specific users and give your brand a massive traffic advantage.


Keyword targeting

First things first, keyword targeting is our foremost strategy to target users who can benefit your business in one way or the other. We flood your account with impressions, clicks, and conversions from using the right targeted keywords to following the trending hashtags with one right approach.Wait, the best is yet to come. The average cost per click on Twitter is fairly low, so you can invest less and reap incredible perks from this platform.


Build brand exposure

As the best twitter advertising agency, we have our strategies sorted after mutual discussion with the client. After the first crucial step, we put everything together to build your brand authority so that you can convey your brand message. Twitter gives you the ability to grab the spotlight and share your unique voice on the platform to target your audience and expand your customer base. We make Twitter advertising more effective for you by sharing both text-based and visual-form content, depending on what your audience like to see. To prove ourselves as the best Twitter advertising agency, we also churn off these best trending topics for your Twitter conversations. So you can show your authority in a single topic and attract a relevant audience interested in your topic.


Customer relations

More than half of the users on Twitter come with the sole purpose of building healthy customer relations. This helps them help connect with a greater audience to become your highest-paying customers. With the help of a reliable Twitter advertising agency, you can effortlessly create a direct line of communication with your targeted audience.However, building strong customer relationships is a step-by-step process that involves daily posting, actively engaging your audience, sharing tweets, and much more. We help you build strong customer relationships with your audience to see a spike in your business growth using effective brand engagement strategies.The stronger customer relationships you build, the easier it becomes to build a sense of fidelity for your audience, so your brand always has a positive side.

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SplashSol’s Social Media Advertising Agency Client Testimonials

Scarlett Fraser

“X Ads Services is a game-changer! Our ROI skyrocketed after partnering with them. Expert campaign management and impressive results!”

Elliot Naylor

“Incredible team at X Ads Services! They optimized our Twitter campaigns to perfection. Cost-effective and highly responsive. Five stars!”

Finley Nolan

“X Ads Services delivers results! They fine-tuned our Twitter ad strategy, leading to increased engagement and conversions. Highly recommend!”

FAQs About Our Twitter (X) Ads Service

Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1How will Twitter Advertising benefit my business?

Twitter advertising is no less than a blessing for small-sized businesses on a shoestring budget to advertise their brand. Not only do we take care of your business needs, but we also help you stand out among your competitors, so make the best of this platform. From keyword targeting and devising different hashtag strategies to crafting audience-tailored content, we go above and beyond to address your business needs individually. Not only this, but we also work closely with tactics to bring you an immense amount of future traffic, sales, and leads to flooding your account with $$$.

2Will I gain business leads from Twitter?

After LinkedIn, Twitter is one of the best professional networking sites to generate high-quality leads for your business and attract potential clients. With the help of result-driven strategies, we create unique Twitter hooks for your audience to bring a steady ROI and quality leads that prove prosperous for your business. The more leads we generate, the easier it is to spread your brand awareness. This way, you can create a large customer base of loyal customers who become regular buyers of your product. If this doesn’t sound enough to you, we also take strong initiatives for your existing SEO and digital PR strategies to find the loopholes in your business. No delays, extra costs, or fuss, but our social media experts take your Twitter advertising game to the next level. Although twitter advertising is affordable, it’s the type of campaign that tells the exact amount it will cost you to advertise your business on Twitter.

3How does Twitter targeting work?

Fear not, Twitter advertising targeting isn’t any complex term but a necessary step of our Twitter advertising agency to find the right targeted audience for you. Once we’re done with the initial steps, the next target is to run channel-specific PPC ads that meet your user’s interests, needs, and desires. This way, we help you connect with your relevant audience and convert them into dedicated followers. Moreover, we also use specific hashtags that Tweeters have used recently in their tweets to bring more engagement, impressions, clicks, and traffic to the table.

4I don’t have a business Twitter account. Can you set it up once?

Yes, why not. Making a Twitter business account is one of the prerequisites for twitter advertising to help you get started with Twitter and strengthen your overall social media presence. To create your account, we dive deeper into the little details about your business from the name, operation date, brand tag line, brand information, and others. Once we’ve received all the information, we will create a full-fledge business account for you. For this reason, we also carry out the relevant industry research and a comprehensive competitor analysis to optimise your performance so that it doesn’t get buried under hundreds and thousands of other Twitter profiles. To ensure you’re in the specific market, we test different strategies, including a full-fledged social audit of your existing account for quality results.

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