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Organic traffic is still the most inexpensive way of getting new users to your website. As a leading SEO audit agency in London, we conduct a thorough SEO audit of your site to see whether or not it meets the search engine guidelines.

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The process of a comprehensive assessment of a website is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit. Our SEO experts will take into account several factors to point out and rectify fundamental issues like technical SEO, website structure, on-page SEO, potential off-site problems, user experience, keyword mapping, link architecture, content gaps and opportunities, and competitive marketplace insights to ensure your website is giving you the desired performance.

SEO is the first step towards creating and implementing a master plan with quantifiable results. An SEO audit assesses your site and how it appears in the search results. It also helps identify the areas where improvements are required to advance its position on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

It is essentially a “health check” for your website. SEO audit will show any content gaps or opportunities, as well as insights into your competitive market.

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What gets measured gets improved. Get your rankings, traffic and conversion measured and improved by our SEO experts now!

An SEO Audit Agency Committed to Your Success

SEO Audit takes you a step closer to success. SEO audits are essential to keeping your SEO strategy up to date. If your website isn’t correctly optimised for search engines, you’re missing out on a significant amount of search engine traffic, as well as attention from potential customers.

As a trusted SEO audit agency, we will compile reports from several tests run through and for your website, including;


Technical Audit

Our team of SEO experts will perform a technical audit on your website to identify the technical problems that restrict search engines from crawling through your site or understanding content. The SEO Technical Audit Report we provide will summarise all technical problems and solutions so that we can take immediate action.


Link and content audit

You will have to publish content on your website anyway. Better take your time to make sure the search engines notice your efforts. The website internal linking and published content have to be audited to minimise their adverse effects on your search ranking. Each link is like a vote in that website’s favour telling Google that it deserves to rank high in the search results. Link auditing will point out issues related to internal linking, bad links or broken links in your website. At Splash Sol Tech, we will perform an SEO Content audit to assess whether or not the content on your website is relevant. We will evaluate the current status of the website’s content to modify and improve it to get better results.


Competitive Audit

SEO audit experts at Splash Sol Tech will give you a complete picture of what exactly your competitors are doing for SEO. We will compare and contrast your SEO strategy to theirs. This report will enable us to identify which SEO strategy will work better for your target market. Our SEO experts will then form a bigger and better strategy than your competitors and take you lightyears ahead in the race for the top SERP’s position.

More than an SEO Audit Company

SEO Audit

Get an in-depth insight into your website SEO performance with our SEO Audit service. We will highlight SEO errors, growth opportunities, and more.

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Technical SEO

Our highly skilled team of SEO experts will ensure that all the technical elements of your website are optimised for SEO to improve your visibility in search engines.

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Local SEO

Maximise your marketing SEO services by targeting local terms and updating your business profiles with the appropriate information and coding to boost your SEO advertising and increase local traffic and sales.

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eCommerce SEO

Drive new customers to your website and get more sales and conversions for your eCommerce store with an expert eCommerce SEO strategy in place.

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Reputation Management

Our reputation management experts manage and maintain your online business profiles. We remove negative fake reviews from your profile pages to increase customer trust.

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Analytics allow you to gain a deep insight into how customers reach your pages. One way to improve SEO is to view your highest converting pages and optimise them even more.

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Website Migration

With our website migration service, you can update the design, content, platform, structure, interlinking, location and platform without losing SEO rankings.

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SplashSol’s SEO Service Client Testimonials

Aidan Patel

“The SEO audit was a game-changer! Clear insights, actionable recommendations. Our rankings are already improving!”

Jennifer Barton

“Thorough and insightful audit. Pinpointed weaknesses we didn’t know existed. Highly recommend this service!”

Luca Stone

“Exceptional value for money. The audit uncovered hidden SEO opportunities. Results are undeniable! Great job!”

FAQs About SplashSol’s SEO Audit Service

Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1Why do I need to get my website SEO audited? Is it necessary?

The SEO audit will point out an overlooked cybernetic opportunity on your website. SEO audits are important for keeping your SEO strategy up to date. If your website isn’t properly optimised for search, you’re missing out on a significant amount of search engine traffic, as well as attention from potential customers.
An SEO audit should be performed regularly for the successful long-term performance of your website.

2What will be included in my SEO audit report?

After our experts are done auditing your website, we will comprise a unique report consisting of components like;
1. Accessibility
2. Crawling and Indexing
3. Competitor Research
4. Content Evaluation
5. Keyword Analysis
6. Link Analysis
7. On-Page Optimisation
8. Site Architecture and Design
9. Business Strategy and Online Branding

3How will an SEO audit benefit me?

Our SEO experts will provide you with a detailed report of your website’s health and effectiveness, your current ranking, indexing, speed, structure and user-friendliness. After pointing out the issues, our experts will work with you to provide solutions that will improve the website’s performance.
As a trusted SEO audit company in London, we will work closely with you to optimise the content, increase user satisfaction, and build a reputation resulting in better positioning in search engines and high traffic on the website.

4 How and where do I get my SEO audit report from?

Get in touch with our SEO experts today to get your SEO audit report delivered to you without delay. Our team will contact you to discuss your business details and target audience as soon as we hear from you. After getting complete and accurate knowledge of your business, our team of SEO experts will audit a report as quickly as possible. The report will identify all the key SEO issues hindering your progress and suggest how to make improvements. Our SEO service providers will then discuss the best strategy with you before they implement it.

4What locations does your local SEO audit cover?

As an expert SEO audit company providing remote services, we provide local SEO services in the world. Whether you are a business based in London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham or any other part of the world – Splash Sol Tech is the best SEO audit company for your needs. Why? Because our SEO packages are the most economical and effective.
We also provide unique SEO London services for the unique challenges faced by businesses operating from London. If you are searching for reliable SEO service with the search phrase “SEO audit services near me”, then all you need to do is speak with one of the experts to discuss your needs. Our team will conduct an analysis of your website or app and come up with an innovative plan to drive more traffic and generate more leads for you.

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