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What is Our YouTube Advertising Service?

Building brand awareness was never this easy as it is now with YouTube advertising. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, YouTube opens arms for brands to expand their audience reach by sharing interesting content with millions of users all over the world.

After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine helping hundreds and thousands of brands improve their online presence. For many years, the platform has contributed to the entertainment industry by transforming the outdated way of creating and sharing videos. Needless to say, video advertising is all in the hype today, and what’s the best time to make the best use of this video-sharing platform for the success of your brand?

Whether you want to captivate your brand audience or drive your business towards success, YouTube should be your go-to place. Not only does it help you find your audience and convey your brand message to a large audience, but it also builds a strong presence online. Enough talk! Let’s get to the point. Splash Sol Tech’s YouTube advertising service is designed to help you make the most of YouTube advertising, grab new audience and generate more leads.

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Why is Our YouTube Advertising Service Important?

Drive your brand’s success by sharing valuable and meaningful videos across YouTube to inform, educate and captivate new audiences interested in your brand building.


Ad versatility

Video advertising has never been as easy as it is with YouTube today. With a myriad of flexible options available, you’re free to leverage the power of YouTube to showcase the unique identity of your brand. From choosing the best video ad format to editing the video with particular features to hook your audience, we’re experts in YouTube advertising. We help you achieve your brand marketing goals without asking you to spend a fortune with effective advertising strategies. With a trusted YouTube advertising agency, you’ll have a pool of options to decide what works best for your video. From running skippable in-stream video ads to earning with every 15-second video ad, we help you make the most of your YouTube advertising. Whatever you choose, ads have always been a great option to spread brand awareness and make video sharing a heck of fun. Moreover, we also offer the advantage of discovery ads from organic search results to make your brand look more relevant, trustworthy, and interesting. Discovery ads also come with the additional benefit of display ads and in-video overlays.


Only pay when people watch

Another impressive feature that makes YouTube stand out from the crowd is its incredible True View option. If you don’t know about it already, YouTube only charges businesses money when people watch their video ads. Not only does this make YouTube an impressive advertising avenue for brands and companies to capture their audience, but it also helps them spend their advertising budget more effectively. With the special TrueView feature, you can save a big chunk of your money and spend it to generate more leads for your business. Not to mention that it also filters down the ads you’re not interested in. And the best part? You don’t have to pay for that. This way, you’ll only get exposure to the audience interested in your brand and be ready to click through to your website for conversion.


Audience targeting & remarketing

YouTube has been a hub for video advertising for the last many years to satisfy the needs of different businesses. Whether segmenting the audience based on interest and demographics or crafting interactive videos to improve the overall video metrics, our team of YouTube advertising experts has your back. With YouTube advertising, we will take care of all the organic and paid ways to bring your brand into the spotlight and grow your audience. From churning out the best topics to sprinkling keywords and tracking user behaviour, we ensure you get the most affordable YouTube advertising help in your budget. We target your audience based on how often they interact with your videos. This may include using audience retargeting strategies to convey your brand’s message across all relevant and popular channels and grow your reach. You might also be interested in our Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising services.

Social Media Auditing Tools

As a world-class social media auditing agency, we’re experts in social media advertising to help you with all areas of marketing. Using the latest social media management tools, channels, and strategies to track performance, we leave no stone unturned in your business growth.

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From tracking your social media metrics, building an impressive strategy, and segmenting your audience to monitoring your social media success, we help you connect with everyone on social media.
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Free Logo Design Software & Tools

Free Logo Design Software & Tools 

Whether it is your first time designing a logo or you have done that before, this guide has ten plus free logo design software and tools to reduce your burden and ease the work. 

Top 10 free logo designs tools and software

How To Come Up With A Logo Design

How do you come up with the logo design? Need in-depth information about how to come up with a logo design? We’ve got you covered.

Logo Colourways

Logo Colourways (Colour Combinations)

The choice of colors can make or break the overall look of your logo. Mark Zuckerberg chose the blue color for Facebook due to color blindness.

We are here to help you!

Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1 I'm not sure how to advertise on YouTube? Can you help? 

While YouTube advertising sounds utterly convincing, it can become a nightmare if not done correctly. But not to worry, as our paid social media advertising team is available at your back 24/7 to help you find the best possible solution for YouTube advertising.

Whether building your brand or running video campaigns, our paid YouTube advertising team covers all the possible options it takes to find your feet on YouTube. We help businesses utilise quick, creative, effective, and result-driven strategies to advertise on YouTube in the right way.

With years of experience, interest, and expertise, we reduce the cost and effort of YouTube advertising so that you can reap maximum profit out of this goldmine.

2 How much does it cost to advertise on YouTube? 

You will feel glad to know that advertising on YouTube doesn’t ask for a fortune. Compared to other video-sharing platforms, YouTube is free and pretty flexible to achieve your goals through brand advertising. However, the type, duration, and objective may vary from ad to ad. But in most cases, it’s the type of ad you choose to build your brand authority and expand customer reach.

On average, YouTube advertising can cost you anywhere between $0.10-$0.30 per impression on your ad. Keeping this in mind, it’s always best to set an average daily budget for your YouTube advertising, which shouldn’t cost you more than $10. However, this is just an estimate of YouTube advertising and costs may vary based on different factors.

From churning out the best topics to sprinkling keywords and tracking user behaviour, we ensure you get the best affordable youtube advertising help in your budget. At Splash Sol Tech, we take care of everything from top to bottom. Moreover, we also track your targeted audience and ad spends, so you can connect directly with your ideal marketing audience and drive traffic to the main website.

3 How does YouTube advertising targeting work? 

If done right, YouTube advertising can make or break your brand’s success.

The performance of your campaign depends on several factors, from ad engagement, advertising targeting, audience segmentation, etc.

We use a creative approach and work closely with your brand’s persona to distinguish interests and actions so that you can utilise your resources correctly. Whether you operate from a single account or multiple accounts, we create videos that are sure to trigger a pain point in your audience. Furthermore, we also take inspiration from other video content creators related to your niche or producing relevant videos. This way, we can help you give tough competition to your audience regarding engagement, impressions, clicks, traffic, etc.

All this combined contributes to building your brand identity and keeps you in the loop with your audience for future collaborations and partnerships.

4 I don't have a business YouTube account? Can you set one up?

Don’t have a business YouTube account? Not a problem. Our team of professional paid advertisers are experts in account creation while taking care of all the necessary factors to grow your YouTube presence. The first step is gaining all the essential information to create an account. Next, we optimise your Facebook business details to stack your account on top of your competitors.

From diving deep into market research to fulfilling the needs of your audience, we shape your YouTube presence in a way that ticks all boxes and fills the market gap. You won’t have trouble growing your account and expanding your audience reach when everything is done right.

Not only this, but we also have a specially trained team of YouTube advertisers who hold the knowledge, experience and expertise to get you a full social audit.

What’s the wait for? Speak to one of our social media experts for a full-fledged social audit to launch a professional YouTube business account as soon as possible.

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Though we are experts in digital marketing, our all-inclusive advertising agency also helps you wherever it’s needed. Not only do we go above the mile to establish you on popular social media platforms. However, we also keep an eagle eye on the upcoming opportunities that can be fruitful for your business. Whatever your needs and desires are, you’ll always find our team of marketing experts by your side.

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