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Get a boost in web traffic, sales and conversions with paid google search Ads. As a leading Google search ads agency, we know the PPC ads that would bring the highest ROI on your investments.

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Splash SOl Google My Business Reviews

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What is Our Google Display Advertising Service?

Google is home to millions of websites, selling hundreds of thousands of products every day. With such high competition, businesses often have a hard time reaching their targeting audience among the 2.5 million unique visitors on Google.

Thanks to Google Ads, bringing traffic has become easier than ever before. As one of the widely used paid advertising platforms, Google search ads are no less than a blessing for new and established businesses to find feet in the competitive online world.

Whether you want to drive qualified traffic or attract interested customers, you can no longer rely on those traditional advertising methods.

As a trustworthy Google search advertising agency, Splash Sol Tech’s Google search ad experts aim to provide you with relevant, well-designed, and timed ads. Not a surprise that it helps you boost your website traffic, improve your website conversion rate, and strategically increase your in-store visits.

If bringing your business on top of your competitors is your ultimate goal, having our expert google search advertisers are all you want. With their perfect skill set, expertise, and years of experience, we help you reach your targeted audience and skyrocket product revenue without spending a fortune.

The best type of Google Ads are those that fall under your monthly budget and can be stopped or customised anytime you want. Did you know that more than 180 million Google Ads display every month, with a whopping click-through rate of 8%?

No matter the size of your business, as a reputed google search advertising agency, we will study your business needs and optimise your campaigns that flood visitors to your site every month. At Splash Sol Tech, we’ve been leveraging the power of Google Ads for more than a decade and hold sound knowledge on what works for your type of business.

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Reach New Heights with a Search Advertising Campaign

A pay-per-click audit service to help you uncover hidden gaps and achieve excellent click-through rate and conversion rate.

Why is Google Search Advertising Important for Your Business?

Reap maximum profits out of Google paid search and acquire breakthrough results with high profitability.


Deliver High-Quality Traffic

As one of the most responsible Google advertising agencies in the UK, 
we use a handful of pay-per-click management campaigns to deliver groundbreaking results for our clients over an extended time. We’re a rapidly growing advertising agency interested in studying the dynamics of your business and crafting strategies that takes you to the next level of profitability.

As a reliable Google search advertising agency based in the UK, Splash Sol Tech focuses on the long-term success of the advertising campaigns. By keeping it simple yet elegant, our experts closely examine why your website isn’t getting traffic and work on them. 

To ensure the efficiency of ads, we design unique and creative landing pages for your website to craft highly converting ad campaigns that flood traffic fast and easily.

We believe in the power of A/B testing to churn off the most effective strategies for your business. This way, we’re better equipped to incorporate edits and feedback in the ads and follow the tried and tested conversion optimisation recommendations.

However, achieving quality and guaranteed results is no walk in the park. It demands the right knowledge, perfect skill set, and years of experience that our Google search advertising agency holds for you. Another impressive thing that stands us apart from the crowd is that we test multiple campaigns to improve the conversion rate unless your site starts getting the traffic.


Outshine Your Competitors

Google search advertising is a critical subject to cover, which is why you can’t expect any random advertising agency to help you get out of the water. Luckily, the case won’t be the same with us. We’re one of the most self-dependent google search advertising agencies that train you to excel better than your competitors when it comes to making the best of the traffic.

With top-notch search advertising methods, we go above and beyond to ignite the visibility of your website regardless of the region where you operate. At Splash Sol Tech, we’re a team of Google search advertising experts that delivers premium digital advertising solutions to achieve your success.


Customer-Focused Solutions

We solely focus on bringing customer-focused solutions to the table that works best for your marketing campaigns so you can excel in the competition. Although investible, not everyone knows how to leverage the power of paid advertising to stack on the top of search engine results.

We simplify the process of running paid ads, so you can get started with driving traffic to your website by a simple sign-up on the web. Not only google search ads are effective, but they are also incredibly affordable because you only get charged for the advertising. You’ll be charged a small amount to convert the interested audience into a high-paying customer whenever someone clicks on your business ad.  

Along with Google Ads, we also utilise the power of Google keyword planner that offers full ledge assistance in finding the best volume keywords that are relevant to your audience and searched by them.


Monitor Results

While setting up ads is relatively easy, monitoring and tracking results can be tiresome if you don’t use the right approach.

The best thing to do to monitor the achieved results is to search for your targeted keyword to check if your website stays at the top.

On top of all, Google Ads is completely measurable and gives users full authority to evaluate the performance of ads. Moreover, you can also track numbers such as the number of people who see your ads, daily visitors to the ads, and total ad revenue generated from ads.

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Google Search Ads Agency Client Testimonials

Millie Parsons

“Outstanding results! This Google Ads agency drove a surge in our online traffic. Their expertise is unmatched.”

Kyle Pratt

“Impressive ROI! We trusted them with our ad campaigns, and they delivered beyond our expectations.”

Daniel Thompson

“Exceptional service! Their data-driven approach transformed our online presence. Highly recommend this agency!”

FAQs About Our Google Search Ads Service

Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads works pretty simple by displaying ads to your targeted audience. The search query shows your product or service to people searching for a relevant solution that you can offer. Backed by smart technology, Google Ads is one of the most innovative and advanced ways to help your business grab the top position on the SERP and convince your customers to take action. With us, you won’t have to do anything yourself as we take care of everything from selecting your goal. We can take care of everything you want, from getting more visitors, impressions, and conversions to increasing the hype for your brand. Once everything is mutually discussed, we craft customized ads for you that fall under your monthly budget, so you don’t have to spend a penny extra.

2What is the cost per click or pay per click advertising?

If you don’t know, advertising is a broad umbrella to cover, and both costs per click and pay per click are two of the most primitive types of advertising that most businesses look forward to. Although both types of ads are flexible and only cost when someone clicks on the ad, the basic line of difference is because of the advertising module. Such as, cost per click (CPC) advertising depends on the impression you have to pay according to the number of times the ads are shown to your targeted audience. On the other hand, the cost per engagement or pay per click (PPC) is a type of advertising where you have to pay when someone clicks and engages with your ad.

3How much does Google Ads cost?

If you’re on a tight budget but want to experience paid advertising, you’ll be glad to know that Google Ads is the ideal affordable option for you. The most attractive thing about such ads is that it lets users adjust the budget settings. Not only can you set your budget for the ad, but you also choose the type of advertising that decides how much you have to pay for every impression and click.

4I don’t have much time. Will Google ads work for me?

If you’re looking for a quick – fairy tale advertising scheme, Google search ads are unfortunately not for you. Paid advertising often focuses on long-term success, but you will probably start seeing the results in the first few weeks. A good practice is to take at least 30 mins of your day to study your Google Ads metrics and customize the settings you need. Moreover, you can also adjust your campaigns and incorporate different suggestions based on your audience to make the ads compatible with iOS and Android.

5What are smart campaigns?

Smart campaigns, as the name says, are one of the most flexible types of advertising solutions to make small businesses well adapted to bring maximum traffic. Whether you’ve to bring high-quality traffic or promote your products/services, smart campaigns are a wonderful way to manage campaigns according to your business goals. It uses special machine learning technology to deliver quality results tailored to your goals and improve the performance of ads with time.

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