Supercharge your brand’s relevance with our professional newsjacking service. We leverage breaking news to put your brand at the forefront, enhancing visibility, credibility, and engagement. Ignite conversations and stay ahead.

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What is SplashSol’s Newsjacking Service?

The term “Newsjacking” was popularised by David Meerman Scott. It is a practice of aligning the brand’s marketing with the current relevant events in an attempt to get the attention of potential clients and boost the brand’s exposure. With the news breaking and spreading like wildfire, jumping on the news story at the right moment with the right content strategy can help generate leads and tons of media coverage for your business. 

To put it in simple words, it is piggyback riding on news topics that are trending to get yourself noticed and bring more attention to your business.

Based on the predictable events in politics, sports, and public activities Splash Sol Tech always plan ahead for the perfect newsjacking opportunities for your business.

To provide you with the best newsjacking services, our team closely monitor the news updates even in areas which are not directly connected to the business. It helps our clients to be the centre of attention in conversations online and be a part of news headlines on social media platforms. It also helps our clients secure high-value backlinks from trending topics and websites for your digital PR.

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Newsjacking Service to Get Your Thoughts and Opinions Published in Breaking News Stories

Newsjacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story and generating tons of media coverage and social media engagement. Splash Sol Tech’s experts have mastered through several years of experience.

Why is Newsjacking Important for Your Business

Reactive newsjacking PR uses the excitement around breaking news stories and trending content to put your brand name on the front and centre, increasing brand authority and visibility.


Increased and Responsive Target Audience

By targeting your ideal audience you can bring your brand name in front of a market that is interested in your business, products, or services. The easiest strategy to rapidly grab your ideal customer’s attention and get your brand name known is to target news items, trends, and cultural stories that resonate with your brand audience. A specialised SEO newsjacking strategy will ensure that your business is included in the newspapers and media sites that your ideal audience frequently uses and go through resulting in more interactive posts and increased chances that the audience will visit your website and convert their interest into a future sale.


One Step Ahead of Competitors

Define yourself as a leader in the industry by giving your expert’s advice, opinion or solution via newsjacking marketing opportunities. Delivering helpful, relevant, and meaningful insights and answers to your industry’s important problems will establish your company as a thought leader and a source of influence for your audience’s idea consumption. By demonstrating your knowledge of a breaking news item, you will be one of the first companies to comment on the story, establishing yourself as the go-to expert and generating rapid brand awareness, trust, and traffic to your website.


A Quick Jump to the Top

In today’s time, while the news spreads like wildfire, the brands are constantly grabbing the opportunities to take a big leap to the top rather than taking one small step at a time. It is quick and effective. A reactive newsjacking is a great approach to swiftly establish your brand’s status while also gaining valuable backlinks to your website. We can swiftly put your business on the map by monitoring news, social trends, and events for articles that are relevant to your brand and target audience. Your brand will gain links to high-authority and relevant media sites. As a result of our expert newsjacking service, you will gain valuable links, coverage, and mentions for your brand which will increase your authority.

More than Your Average Newsjacking Agency


Splash Sol Tech opens up new doors for your company, increasing your domain authority on Google and other search engines. As a result, your company establishes a strong online presence and outperforms competitors.

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Seize the opportunity to capitalise on a breaking topic at the right time with the correct content strategy can to generate leads and media coverage. Our team closely monitor the news updates even in the area which are not directly connected to the business.

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Client Testimonials – Splash Sol Tech’s SEO Link Building Services!

Harley Baxter

“Newsjacking is a game-changer! It keeps our content fresh and relevant. Our engagement and reach have skyrocketed!”

William Pearce

“Impressive results with Newsjacking! We’re always at the forefront of trending topics, driving more traffic and conversations.”

Benjamin Brooks

“Newsjacking is our secret weapon! It amplifies our brand’s voice, making us a go-to source for timely insights. Highly recommended!”

FAQs About the Newsjacking Service

Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1How is newsjacking good for my business?

Newsjacking is a great approach to get your brand name among the hottest subjects and current news, establishing your brand as an expert on the subject. Expert opinions, facts, or learnings can be used to generate a news report or a unique view or remark on a trend. You will quickly enhance your overall brand awareness and exposure by gaining links to fast-paced stories and issues, since hopping on a trending story will ensure that new eyes are reading the article with your comment, insight, or press release within it. As a result, you’ll get more exposure, more visitors, and valuable backlinks for your webs

2What type of sources do we target?

To remain on top of what’s going on across a variety of news sites and publications, our sharp-sighted crew monitors nationally, locals, and industry-specific media. This strategy guarantees top-tier media placements as well as speciality business-specific source connections and mentions. This will improve your backlink profile and increase the authority of your site, all while exhibiting your industry knowledge. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

3Does our digital PR package include newsjacking?

Yes Sir! When a new customer signs up for our digital PR services, we target their public relations and communications from every angle, including newsjacking. We will, however, customise your newsjacking strategy to fit the messages and style that your company wants to convey. For instance, we may focus on delivering expert quotes on breaking news topics relevant to your industry, which would be a terrific option for finance companies. Alternatively, we can launch a reactive press-driven newsjacking strategy that focuses on quickly releasing trending news or repackaging stories to fit the new story focus in order to obtain more coverage.

4Is newsjacking a high-paced strategy?

Time is of the essence when a news story breaks. Journalists and media outlets will be scrambling to gather the correct quotations and insights for a breaking news story, and journalists and public relations professionals may have as little as 5 minutes to produce a quote. This is why our team will collaborate closely with you to compile a bank of quotes and expertise in advance of anticipated events or articles. We’ll also establish a solid channel of communication with our clients.

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