Link Reclamation

Revamp Your Internal and External Link Structure With a Comprehensive Link Reclamation Strategy.

What Is Link Reclamation?

If you don’t know it already, link reclamation is the strategy of claiming links that are no longer valuable to your site. As one of the most traditional forms of link building, it can be used as part of a larger link-building campaign or as a stand-alone strategy.
Backlinks are a solid foundation for any site that needs to build authority on the web. Link reclamation allows you to find dead links and replace them with ones that will add value to your site. 

Whether you want to remove low-quality links and restore your site’s SEO rankings, it’s high time to heed link reclamation. As a professional link reclamation agency based in the UK, we’ve got a team of backlink experts to offer valuable link reclamation services for businesses to improve their rankings!

At Splash Sol Tech, we do regular backlink audits to ensure that your website does not lose authority. Not only does this guarantee that your website links to all the live pages, but it also helps prioritise them based on different factors. Once we have the reports ready, we contact the site owners and get all the links rectified to kick off all the possible issues. The aim is to add value to the site’s authority and generate a hefty return on investment.

At Splash Sol Tech, we understand that link reclamation is multifaceted and may require days or weeks of continuous monitoring. 

By replicating other testing strategies, we find, fix and recreate new links to ensure everything is on par without using the specific traditional methods of link building that have long been outdated. 

SEO Experts

Why is Link Reclamation important?

Our link reclamation service is an integral part of an SEO strategy. It’s a process that helps us identify broken links on your website and ensure that it’s updated with all the relevant and working links. If not done properly, broken links can badly hurt your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO) and affect the user experience. It’s also important to note that Google’s Penguin algorithm update penalises websites with many links pointing to them from other spammy or irrelevant websites. Splash Sol Tech can give value to old links that are useless for SEO purposes and provide recommendations for the best ones. It’s a simple and quick technique to improve your SERP ranking and reach! As a leading link reclamation agency in the UK, we aim to resurrect lost opportunities inside existing links. By utilising the industry’s best SEO strategies, Splash Sol Tech is open to helping businesses of all sizes obtain more search engine visibility, drive exposure to your page, and help you gain new organic traffic. With tried and true methods, our backlink strategists implement strategies that boost traffic, secure high-paying customers, and make more money by highlighting the brand name. Not only that, but we’ve also tested with hundreds of templates and churned off the best ones for our clients to make link reclamation successful, especially by targeting bottom-funnel pages. Here are some of the many benefits of our link reclamation service with details of how they would add value to your SEO profile.


Build Your Link Profile

The quality of a link profile’s backlinks is the most significant factor. These are the links that direct visitors back to your website. However, the content and page quality also influence your link profile. It’s not easy to build a solid backlink profile. Creating an authoritative link structure involves extensive study, great content, and a solid relationship with another website. When these hard-won links go missing or broken, it aggravates your SEO performance. Splash Sol Tech, a reliable link reclamation agency in the UK, can help you reclaim those valuable links in no time! We’ll be able to fix any broken links and reach out to external website owners to improve their external links to your site, reinvigorating your external link profile and analysing your internal and external link structure. To create new wins for you, Splash Sol Tech, the best link reclamation agency in the UK, also keeps a hold of your website’s link juice and transfers it wisely so as not to kill the SEO power of your backlinks. From finding defective pages and solving duplicate content issues to fixing your internal linking and paying heed to side navigation, we take care of everything from top to bottom.


Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Link Reclamation services can be a great way to help boost your search engine rankings, but they can also be a headache. For those who don’t have the time or skill to do it themselves, Splash Sol Tech is here to help. Our team of link experts will analyse your website and identify any broken links that might be affecting your search engine rankings. We’ll then follow up with those sites’ web admins and social media managers to get them fixed quickly. Truth be told, anyone using the internet can take advantage of the reclamation strategy and improve their brand ROI even in competitive markets. However, many brands use reclamation strategies in specific circumstances when they need to secure links to find feet in different markets without hurting their authority on the web. Next, we use the valuable outreach tactic of link moves to target the helpful pages and place links at the appropriate places for maximum impact. Not only does this benefit the readers, but it makes your content evergreen in the eyes of the reader. Once we’re done with the basics, the next step is to use advanced reclamation strategies by taking maximum advantage of competitor missteps. From crawling their index page to checking backlink profiles, we pay heed to nearly every necessary attention to detail that can prove as an opportunity in your link reclamation. This is what the big companies do and regain high authority links in the first place.


Broken Link Building

Backlinks referring to broken pages on your website may exist on your competitors’ websites, just as on yours. This is an excellent opportunity for your website. Our SEO experts will identify any broken backlinks linking to your competitors’ websites and contact the site owners to request that the backlinks be replaced with links to your content. Backing portfolios alone isn’t enough to reclaim the links. For this reason, we use Ahrefs, Moz and SEM rush to research current links for our next potential moves. We can assist you in producing the content you need if you don’t already have it. This is accomplished by:
● carrying out keyword research
● Identifying publications or websites with broken backlinks as potential targets
● Assist your staff in creating the material they require.
To update links, contact a prioritised list of prospects.
● Gather new, relevant backlinks for your site
This strategy aids your SEO efforts in several ways: it adds content to your website, increases backlinks, and improves organic exposure and rankings.

Link Reclamation Tools

As a trustworthy link audit services, our experts are capable of using a variety of link auditing tools, including but not limited to SEMRUSH, AHREFS, SCREAMFROG, Majestic, Google Analytics, and more.

Boost your SEO ranking
Drive exposure and gain new organic traffic with the best link reclamation strategy.
Build an award-winning SEO campaign

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Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1 Why should I use link reclamation services?

Optimising your site has become a must for any business that wants to rank well in search engines like Google and Bing. Link reclamation helps you do that by removing dead links from your site, which helps improve your overall on-site SEO performance.
At Splash Sol Tech, we are well-equipped to handle all of your link-building needs, and we can construct a link-recovery package and additional link-building tactics for you. Our Link Reclamation service will help you build a solid foundation for your overall link-building plan by restoring broken links. We can offer Link Reclamation services alongside other technical or operative SEO services to boost your website’s broad exposure as a full-service search marketing business specialising in digital strategy.

2 Would Link Reclamation be beneficial for my business?

Reclaiming links will help your organisation ensure that your SEO methods perform to their full potential and provide valuable backlink chances. Consider Link Reclamation a vital spring cleaning exercise; you must go through your internal and external links to eliminate any hazardous broken connections that may unintentionally pull your website down. Don’t allow a broken link to detract from your excellent SEO efforts! A comprehensive link reclamation package, on the other hand, will ensure that every link positively influences your website. As a result, your website’s exposure, quality traffic, and SEO ranking will improve.

3 How do I know if my links are being reclaimed?

You can use a Link Reclamation service to determine which links are broken and which ones are still working. These services will crawl your website, identify all the links on your site, and let you know which are still working and which are broken.

4 What is the difference between Link Reclamation and unlinked mentions?

Link reclamation is the process of locating, repairing, and replacing a formerly operational external or internal link. Unlinked mentions, on the other hand, are brand mentions in new content that have never been linked to your brand before; this can include content that includes your brand name, website, or past campaigns your company has conducted. Deep crawl tools may uncover past connections connected to your website and indicate which ones need to be fixed, making Link Reclamation considerably faster and easier than locating unlinked references. Furthermore, based on the preceding link approach, you already know that the website’s trust and authority are strong and that it is a good source.

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