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ROI-Focused PPC marketing services to help you make the most of Pay-Per-Click opportunities in Google, Bing and other search engines with 100% trackable results and reporting.

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SplashSOl Google My Business Reviews

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A Trusted PPC Marketing Company

PPC advertising is all about improving your business visibility in search engines. Unlike search engine optimisation, which takes forever to deliver organic traffic, a PPC paid advertising campaign is more likely to provide quick and effective results for the budget you are prepared to spend. PPC marketing and paid search is an increasingly complex and ever-changing landscape, which means that business owners and marketers worldwide may have a hard time mastering this method of advertising.

At SplashSolTech, we have several PPC experts who conduct state of the art, innovative, and cost-effective PPC campaigns. They work closely with our clients to understand their goals, target audience and unique market specifics.

We guarantee that PPC advertising campaigns managed by our specialists will reach the right people at your targeted location to deliver outstanding results in terms of conversations and sales.

Advertising on Google back in the old days was much more straightforward. However, our PPC marketing experts understand the need to base your campaign on exclusive and viral-able marketing ideas with the increasing competition.

No matter how saturated and competitive your industry may be, at SplashSolTech, we are ready to take your business to new heights.

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ROI-Focused PPC Marketing Solutions

Our PPC marketing services are designed to help get your business off the ground. Check out our PPC knowledge base for all the latest research, developments and trends in one place.

A Simple PPC Marketing Service Process

We follow a simple six-step PPC marketing process to deliver concrete results for the budget spent. The six steps of the cycle are as follows:



We start with a conversation to understand your audience, product, market, short-term and long-term PPC marketing objectives. Our experts analyse your existing PPC marketing campaigns in detail to determine where they might need to restructure or optimise the current campaigns to improve conversations. By analysing your business model and the market you are competing in, they develop an adequate pay per click marketing strategy that delivers results according to your objectives.


Thorough Analysis

We conduct a rigorous analysis of the search phrases and terms of your PPC marketing campaign, find out their search volume in Google and justify our choices of budget allocation. Our experts are capable of identifying inexpensive PPC marketing opportunities that can give you more sales and more conversions without overspending your heard-earned cash. A detailed overview of your Google Ads account analytics helps us deliver the perfect results for your business.


Keyword Analysis

A PPC campaign that doesn’t involve keyword research is doomed to fail. Google’s Pay Per Click advertising enables you to bring new traffic to your website for the keywords and phrases you think are the best for your products or services. We ensure that your PPC campaigns are built on keywords that result in more conversions. As a professional PPC agency, our PPC experts carefully select high performing and ROI-focused keywords so you can target a specific audience for best results.


Landing Pages

A dedicated and fully optimised landing page is a key component of a successful PPC marketing campaign. Our PPC marketing specialists optimise your PPC keywords and ensure your landing pages provide a seamless navigation experience and deliver conversions for your company. Every ad word we write and every display ad we design follows a simple and effective process which includes making sure leads are sent to a visually pleasing and informative landing page that prompts them to take action.


Reporting & Analysis

Our PPC experts present vital insights and information from the activities in the form of a customised PPC service report every month. The report will provide a detailed overview of the investment, revenue, conversions, and an insight into how we have been meeting your KPIs within the assigned budget. We discuss the key points from the report with you to understand your future expectations and optimise your campaign accordingly.


New Digital Marketing Opportunities

We are not just a one-service show. While SplashSolTech is one of the most trusted PPC marketing agencies that are capable of setting your PPC goals in motion, we provide a host of other services, including search engine optimisation, content marketing, link building, reputation management, website designing, web development, app development, and website optimisation. Please get in contact with our experts to see how we can help your business move to the next level of digital success.

PPC Marketing Services from UK’s Best PPC Marketing Agency

As a leading PPC marketing agency, we provide various PPC advertising services. Ready to take that brave first step towards business success?

PPC Audit

Audit of your PPC activities is vital because it enables our experts to understand the direction, objectives and focus of your previous and existing PPC advertising campaigns. In a nutshell, a PPC audit allows us to establish the usefulness of the results obtained from previous campaigns, your expectations from the paid search campaigns and your level of satisfaction from the ongoing campaigns, if any. Our PPC advertising experts then use a range of tools and expertise to deliver a report on your paid search marketing efforts, goals and results. SplashSolTech’s PPC advertising experts are Google certified and equipped with any paid software to get generate analytics and deliver exceptional results. Ready to start now?

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Display Advertising

A well designed and attractive display ad can do wonders for your business because it allows you to showcase your brand to your target audience in a visually rich manner. As an experienced display advertising agency, we have the experience to develop eye-catching display advertising campaigns to promote your products or services. Our PPC experts can bring new customers to your website with visually stunning and responsive display ads that showcase your brand identity, values and credibility. Work with the best display advertising services to achieve the highest possible CTR for your display ads.

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Search Advertising

As a leading PPC search advertising agency, we’ve got your back covered with an ROI focused and targeted paid search ad campaign; if your SEO campaigns are not yielding the desired results. But what is search advertising? With the increasing competition for top rankings in the search engine results, a search ads campaign gives you the ability to keep getting new customers and new sales with targeted traffic to your website. New potential customers searching for your products or services and finding your business can be an absolute blessing for your business, especially if you are not prepared to wait for several years for organic results. Boost your business with focused and professional search marketing services.

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Bing Microsoft Advertising

Bing advertising is quite similar to Google advertising, only that it is much more inexpensive. So, what’s the catch? Google has the largest search engines traffic share, which means the CPC and CPA in Google is higher than Bing. Nevertheless, Bing advertising provides opportunities for businesses to get new customers for their targeted keywords and phrases at a fraction of the cost they would pay to Google. At SplashSolTech, our PPC experts have launched and managed many Bing advertising campaigns, so you can be confident that your landing pages will see an increased number of visitors, resulting in more sales.

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Native Ads

What are native ads? A widely-accepted definition of native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the functionality, goal and feel of the media format they appear in. Native advertising is more popular on social media where an ad is embedded into the content of the webpage or user feed, often as content recommended by another user. Our experts are masters of keeping the flow of content non-disruptive and disguising the ad as ordinary web content. Get your readers to engage with your advertising content without ruining the user experience with our highly recognised native advertising services.

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Think you can achieve a higher conversation rate by targeting the existing audience with your promotional content? Remarketing allows you to do exactly that. The growing popularity of PPC remarketing is a testimonial to the high conversation and success rates this new advertising method provides. Retain your customers and effectively remarket your existing client base by spending your PPC marketing budget on a remarketing campaign. Our remarketing ad experts ensure your search ads and display ads are visible to visitors who previously visited your website and made a purchase, significantly improving your customer conversion and retention rates.

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Amazon Marketing

If you haven’t heard of Amazon marketing, you haven’t done eCommerce yet. Amazon is the big fish in the eCommerce market, providing opportunities to buyers and sellers from around the world to connect. However, increasing competition on Amazon also means it is more difficult for new brands to achieve tangible results against their marketing budgets. Our PPC team members have the experience, qualifications and expertise to deliver ROI-focused Amazon marketing campaigns. They will optimise your Amazon listings to ensure your products rank higher in the search results and your message can be easily discovered. Whether you need help with Amazon display advertising or sponsored posts, our Amazon marketing services can help you hit your seasonal sales targets.

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Google Shopping

The name says it all. Google product search, which was later relaunched as Google Shopping, provides excellent opportunities to showcase their products when users search for them in Google search. So, what our PPC experts will do for your business? They will identify high conversion and specific key terms and phrases, place bids on targeted positions in Google Shopping results and manage your entire Google Shopping campaign, so your products are visible to your target audience. Google shopping is an excellent advertising method to reach new potential customers and boost sales for the targeted eCommerce or retail products.

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Ready to launch your first PPC advertising campaign?

Reasons to Choose Our PPC Advertising Service

Professional PPC Advertising Services Agency

SplashSolTech PPC team consists of certified experts and creative minds capable of delivering versatile, responsive and targeted PPC campaigns.

Highly Optimised PPC Campaigns

At SplashSolTech, our PPC marketing experts ensure that your PPC campaigns are fully optimised to obtain the desired CPC and traffic results. We make sure that your PPC activities are targeted to the right audience with the right keywords and our experts work closely with you to develop highly engaging landing pages.

A Responsive PPC Advertising Strategy

As a professional PPC marketing agency, we devise a response PPC advertising strategy. We regularly track the results to identify areas of improvement and opportunity. Get an experienced PPC marketing partner on your side and develop captivating search and display ads to take the lead over your competitors.

ROI & Performance-Based Activities

If an investment isn’t paying off, it is an investment that needs recovery. SplashSolTech believes in delivering ROC on individual PPC marketing activities. Our PPC planning, execution and deliverance are all ROI focused, which means you have a team on your side that is eager to help you get the maximum possible revenue for the budget you are prepared to spend.

Experience In Many Industries

Experience in multiple industries, including finance, health, sports, education, bitcoin, and many more. We know from our experience what works and what doesn’t work in your targeted market. Our PPC experts develop fully optimised pay-per-click campaigns that are sure to give your competitors a run for their money.

Full-Service PPC Advertising Agency

At Cognziantt, we have experts for your every PPC advertising need. Whether you need help with Google search ads, Google display ads, Bing search ads, Powermax campaigns, PPC strategy, or another type of PPC service, you can expect nothing but perfection from our experts.

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PPC Marketing Agency Client Testimonials

Josh Lyons

“Top-notch service! They’ve boosted our online presence and sales. A trusted partner for our UK-based brand.”

Tia Fleming

“Outstanding results! Our ROI has skyrocketed since partnering with this PPC agency. Highly recommend for UK businesses.”

Anthony Birch

“Impressive expertise! This PPC agency delivered exceptional ad campaigns, helping us dominate the UK market.”

FAQs About Our PPC Audit Service

Advice from SplashSolTech Experts

1What is a PPC audit?

A PPC audit involves analysing your PPC account, reviewing the results of your existing campaigns, finding out underperforming areas, and identifying new opportunities for more traffic and more sales through paid ads in search engines. A PPC audit considers a range of variables, including the target keywords, bidding costs, conversions, click-through rate, landing pages, ads design, text and descriptions, and your target market to refine your campaign to generate optimised results.

2How do I get a PPC audit?

Getting one of our PPC experts to conduct a PPC audit of your ad account is a simple process. All you need to do is complete the interest form below, and our experts will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Our company representative will discuss your requirements, learn about the type of products or services you are selling, and understand your business objectives before providing suggestions and recommendations in the form of a PPC audit report. As a leading PPC audit company, we carefully analyse your PPC marketing strategy, provide insights into your current performance, and give professional advice on implementing the changes.

3What are the benefits of the PPC audit?

A PPC audit aims to unveil the probable causes of your failing paid marketing campaign and provide suggestions in terms of what improvements must be made to optimise the campaign to help you achieve your traffic, conversions and sales targets. Three key benefits of a PPC audit are as follows:

  • Identify areas of weakness to control costs
  • Discover new sales opportunities
  • Optimise & refine existing campaigns

4Do you provide PPC audit services worldwide?

While we are a UK-registered company, we serve customers from all parts of the world. If you are struggling with your PPC ad campaign management or if you need a professional PPC agency to help you to remove the inefficacies of your ad account, speak to our representative to see how our PPC audit service can make a difference. Check our other PPC services including google search ads, google display ads, bing search ads, remarketing, native ads, and google shopping.

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