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Bing Search Advertising Agency

Bing advertising allows you to tap into global audiences and drive consumers to purchase.

Needless to say, Bing advertising is all on the hype and has attracted a large number of potential users from all around the world. Another impressive feature that sets Bing search ads apart is that it helps you connect with global audiences at scale from all over the world.

At the current time, Bing receives over 13.7 billion monthly searches and offers a goldmine of opportunities for businesses to run successful marketing campaigns. Bing receives a large chunk of its traffic from other independent software such as Windows 10, Cortana, Microsoft Office, and much more.

With our Bing search ads experts, you’re sure to get high-quality traffic and attract maximum leads to fulfil your business needs. Compared to Google, Bing requires less advertising efforts and lets you enjoy maximum reach with endless growth opportunities for your business.

Moreover, we help you reap maximum profits from this search engine that takes up more than 6% of the global share market. Whether you want to connect with high-value audiences or improve your reach, costs, and conversion, we help your business stand out and leverage the power of marketing.

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Take Your Sales Sky High with Our Bing Search Ads Service

A pay-per-click service to help you uncover hidden gaps and achieve excellent click-through rate and conversion rate.

Why Choose Our Bing Search Advertising Service?

Whether you’re a small-sized business or a large enterprise, you should not overlook the importance of Bing search ads . It helps you avail yourself of a pool of benefits, less competition, and improved ad position with a cheaper cost of clicks.

The best part? Clicks on Bing are cheaper and often placed in better positions, which results in incredible CTRs. With our Bing advertising agency, you’ll get full assistance to run different campaigns in different times zone and even customize your ad schedule accordingly.

In Bing advertising, the best type of ads is the group ads that don’t require you to invest time and effort in creating a brand-new campaign.

At SplashSolTech, you’ll get some very sophisticated advertisers who will introduce you to different operating systems. This way, you can customize, run and adjust your bids just with the convenience of your phone.


Transparent advertising

Not only quality, but Bing also offers transparent advertising to the users running the ads. In simple words, you’ll have full control over your ads and can even utilize the power of search parent targeting. Doesn’t it sound enough to convince you? Bing search ads are also a top choice of people as it offers full flexibility in targeting desired search partners and drive a massive amount of traffic to your website.


Automation benefits

Bing has taken a step forward by offering improved automated social extensions that incoming convert traffic from social media platforms like Facebook.

Not only this, but our expert advertisers also keep a tight control over the search demographics. We allow our clients to make the best of the demographic targeting by showing ads to a particular gender or age group.

As one of the world’s largest networks, Microsoft has globally connected businesses with Bing search ads to attract prospects and flood your inbox with sales messages.At Congizantt, our Bing search ads specialists use every possible avenue to help you tap into a global audience by running paid media campaigns.

As a result, our advertising agents make it easy for you to engage with the right target audience at the right time. We’ve leveraged the power of Bing search ads to bring you a lower cost per click and improved ROI, ROAS, and CTR. We’re a full-fledged advertising team that works day and night to meet all the ends.

Whether you’re individual selling products or a group of people trying to run a startup, our paid advertising specialists are all you need. We remain at your back throughout to execute the best marketing campaigns and scale your business growth to unmatched heights.


Budget-friendly advertising

Who said advertising should cost a fortune? At SplashSolTech, we offer the best world-class, affordable advertising solutions. All this helps you achieve high returns, expand your reach and find feet in the highly competitive market.

As a trusted bing search advertising agency, we make you familiar with the high-performing channels to reach your Bing search goals without having to scrape other digital avenues.

We’ve got a team of in-house advertising experts who hold sound experience in streamlining the process of ad optimization in real-time.


Expontential growth

Partnering with a reliable marketing agency like us equals having a team of advertising ninjas on board 24/7. We have a box full of paid strategies that take your business growth to the next level.

With combined years of experience and expertise in advertising, we’ve worked with everyone. From young startup owners to well-established business caretakers, our ads experts find the best possible advertising package in their budget.

No matter the budget, we make things simple for you by understanding your business needs. Not only this, but we also allocate a specific budget and create campaigns. All this helps you achieve long-term success with accelerating growth.


ROI improvements

Not only do we drive successful results to your business, but we also track the ROI projection with our special metrics tracking tools. From your investment to KPIs, we use the eagle’s eye to check everything that belongs to your business.

Unlike others, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution but focus on individual growth by personalizing everything from goals to metrics.


Craft growth strategy

Crating a solid growth strategy is the first step to investing in your business. Using our experience year, we work on our approach to craft a unique growth strategy that meets all your business objectives and scales its growth.

When your audience shows interest in buying your offering, Microsoft converts the interested buyer to your website, from where they can make the purchase.

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Client Testimonials

Chloe Parsons

“Remarkable results! Our ROI skyrocketed with their Remarketing Campaign Services. A game-changer!”

Tilly Harris

“Efficient and cost-effective. Their Remarketing campaigns re-engaged our audience, boosting conversions.”

Freya Herbert

“Top-notch service! Their Remarketing expertise breathed new life into our marketing strategy. Highly recommend!”

FAQs About Bing Search Ads Service

Advice from SplashSolTech Experts

1 How do you work?

As your partner in performance, we’re just no other advertising agency with low-quality and irrelevant leads that are of no use. At SplashSolTech, we do a comprehensive audit that includes a review of all the big digital marketing channels that you can leverage to grow your business with Bing search ads.

2 Can I customise my ads?

When it comes to customisation, it’s hard for any other advertising platform to stand against Bing search ads. Not only does this make us more inclined towards Bing, but it also helps us train our clients to choose from different solutions when customising ads.

If you want to stay on top of the search results, it’s important to target ads based on different factors. Such as times and days of the week (ad scheduling), geographic regions, demographics, and much more in between.

3 Is Microsoft a PPC paid advertising method?

Yes, it’s true. Microsoft, aka Bing advertising, is a well-known paid advertising system where your bids can be customised. Depending on the number of clicks you want on each ad, we can customise the ads you want.

Since Bing is still a smaller fish, it goes without saying that it has less competition and more opportunities to grab the highest position on Bing.

Be it a simple low-difficulty keyword or a short-tail generic keyword with high difficulty, beating the competition on Bing will be a piece of cake.

Generally, Bing considers 3 major factors to determine the position of an ad for a specific search result.

  1. The relevancy of your website landing page
  2. The price of your bid compared to competitors
  3. As activity and the total number of CTR
4 How much does Bing advertising cost?

As said earlier, Bing advertising is more affordable than any other advertising method as of now. Not only, but it also allows cheaper bids by giving the flexibility to lower your maximum bid. As a result, our advertising experts focus on bringing quality over quantity to improve your ad score and place your ad in a better position.

5 Can I attract more customers to my website by bong advertising?

Attracting your potential customers is one of our primary goals when running Bing search ads for your businesses.

To achieve this milestone, we suggest our clients analyze their budgets and work closely with them to revamp their bid strategy. At SplashSolTech, our successful ads have come from the competitive bid strategy that sticks ads to one position and helps gain more visibility.

Next, we expand the targeting sources for the ads, both in terms of geographic region and devices. Once everything looks fine, we again check everything to make sure the ads comply with the website as well as the targeting query your audience is searching for.

6 Why is Bing advertising important for your business.

Not a surprise that more than half of the internet users are only familiar with Google as the largest search engine, but times have changed. Microsoft has acquired a massive share of a whopping $1.96 billion search engine market, experiencing a progressive 23% growth year over year when it comes to search advertising.

Slowly and gradually, Bing has started gaining traction on the internet, reporting for a whopping 19.7% of the US search market share. With this much potential in search advertising, it’s high time for you to expand your brand reach to customers by running high-quality Bing search ads.

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