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What Are SplashSolTech’s Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon marketing is one of the most in-demand services, allowing you to promote your products and services directly on As the largest online retailer globally, it receives about 200 million unique visitors every month. Amazon helps sellers to reach their target customers by showcasing their products on the platform, resulting in a drastic increase in sales.

However, Amazon marketing is a very broad umbrella to cover. As a business, you will need to employ a range of techniques including but not limited to SEO and affiliate marketing to increase your visibility yon Amazon.

With years of experience in Amazon marketing, our team of Amazon marketing experts helps you reach more customers and drive increased sales. At SplashSolTech, you’ll find specialists experienced in managing Amazon advertising campaigns for our clients. We use a variety of methods to increase keywords bid, analyse on-page SEO content, create a custom audience, optimise product listing, and use seller tools to drive ROI for our clients’ products on Amazon.

If you want to boost your Amazon listing but can’t spend a fortune, we have affordable solutions for you to optimise your Amazon listings and offer enhanced visibility to your products. SplashSolTech’s Amazon marketing services make sure you stand out from other businesses. If you want to do business on Amazon, SplashSolTech is here to help you scale your Amazon business and reach unmatched heights. We are just a few clicks away from creating a custom Amazon marketing strategy for you to generate your sales with a first-page ranking.

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Enhance Your Visibility With Our Amazon Marketing Services

A pay-per-click audit service to help you uncover hidden gaps and achieve excellent click-through rate and conversion rate.

Why Choose Our Amazon Marketing Service

As one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, Amazon sells millions of products every day. This makes it a great platform for driving traffic and bringing your brand into the limelight through advertising. Our Amazon experts have developed a unique process for assisting you in building your Amazon brand. At SplashSolTech, our team employs cutting-edge methods and programmatic bid-management technology and a suite of third-party tools to ensure that our customers meet or exceed their key performance indicators in Amazon’s dynamic marketplace.

Target your audience

Selling products on Amazon offers many benefits since it allows you to target specific audiences and create niche products that sell well. At SplashSolTech, our marketing specialists help you position yourself apart so people find your product first when they search for relevant keywords. As the best Amazon marketing agency, our team consists of some of the most experienced, skilled, and highly trained copywriters to optimise your Amazon PPC and guarantee you a solid Amazon product ranking. Optimising your products for Amazon local listings may be necessary to target local product queries and expand your reach. We are also well-versed in knowing how to track and implement the best keywords for your products. Improving your keyword targeting is a key focus for Amazon rankings and PPC. With our Amazon keyword research services, we’ll boost your ranks with well-optimised description ad text to help you target your ideal market.

Increase your ROI

Amazon marketing is an easy way to boost your ROI. The platform offers you the opportunity to market your products efficiently and cost-effectively. If you want to use Amazon marketing to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and build customer loyalty, having a solid market agency at the back becomes necessary. With us on your board, you will experience a boost in ROI and sales as we personalise your Amazon marketing approach. At SplashSolTech, we work closely with your marketing efforts on delivering products with high-performance potential. Every Amazon marketing project begins with an account assessment and audit to help you navigate the best Amazon marketing plan and conquer the eCommerce platform. For data-driven marketing Amazon PPC, we will perform an Amazon ranking audit, evaluate your product listings, and check your category alignment. Our Amazon marketing agency based in the U.K. also uses detailed tracking and reporting to ensure real-time and trackable results.

Expand your reach

Amazon allows you to expand your reach by offering international shipping options for Canadian and U.S. customers. Not only this, but the widely-used platform also offers international shipping options for buyers worldwide.
We at SplashSol Tech understand the importance of marketing on Amazon. Our experts help businesses expand their reach and drive successful Amazon marketing campaigns through effective strategies. Over the years, we’ve worked with industries and sizes to achieve their business goals through Amazon marketing services.

Capture interest with advertising options

Amazon offers a variety of advertising options to help you capture customers’ interest. From sponsored products and ads to other promotions, we can help you create strategies to drive more sales on Amazon. Moreover, SplashSolTech uses smart Amazon advertising tactics to get your products in front of customers while creating advertising campaigns. Sponsored advertising, brands, and displays are set up and managed by our team of professionals. Our Amazon marketing agency U.K. staff members are experts at navigating the Amazon Marketplace with the most effective marketing methods.

Pricing strategy

One of the most important elements of a successful Amazon marketing strategy is using the appropriate pricing techniques to improve rankings, conversions, and revenue. Customers looking for items on Amazon are frequently price-conscious, and each commodity has multiple sellers. Consequently, there are a lot of rivalries, and product price has a big impact on winning the buy box – and thus on sales. When listing a new product, SplashSolTech considers takes care of several factors to always keep you in front of the race. Our Amazon marketing services involve thorough competitive research to determine the best price for your product and reap incredible profits.

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Amazon Marketing Service Client Testimonials

Bethany James

“AMAZING results! Thanks to Amazon Marketing Services, my sales skyrocketed. A game-changer for any seller!”

Naomi Parkin

“Incredible ROI! AMS maximized my product visibility and boosted sales. Highly recommend this service!”

Phoebe Baxter

“Amazon Marketing Services delivered RESULTS. Increased traffic, conversions, and profits. A must for sellers!”

FAQs About Our Google Shopping Ads Service

Advice from SplashSolTech Experts

1Why should I advertise on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is an easy and cost-effective way to reach customers online. With over 1 billion product searches each month, Google Shopping allows you to reach your target audience with a highly relevant product listing. SplashSolTech can optimise your Google Shopping advertisements as an expert Google Shopping agency to guarantee that your listing draws interest, and increases traffic and impressions to your website, resulting in increased purchases!

2How does Google Shopping work?

Google shopping works simpler than it sounds. Once you’ve registered for Google shopping ads, it collects your information and shows relevant products from your store when people search on Google. After clicking on your advertisement, potential buyers then visit your store to complete the product purchase. Our Google shopping ads experts regularly show them other relevant offers and promotions from you, such as coupons and discounts, to keep them further engaged.

3What is the cost of running Google Shopping campaigns?

Google charges you a percentage of the retail price of your product is what you are charged for the Google Ads appearing in Google. This price is based on the maximum bid you set when creating your campaign. At SplashSolTech, you can also automatically use enhanced CPC bidding that allows Google to adjust bids based on competition for a particular keyword automatically. It’s done by increasing bids for highly competitive keywords—the less competitive the keyword, the lower the bid.

4How do I use Google Shopping?

Once you’ve signed up for Google Shopping, you’ll need to create ads representing your products and list them on our website. When you choose our Google shopping ads to work with, we choose from text ads, image ads, video ads, etc. When we find your ads relevant to people searching for similar products, we target them to make your products more visible to the audience. When people click these ads, our shopping ads experts send them to the particular landing page where they can purchase your product(s).

5Will my products appear in Google Shopping?

Whether you work with our Google shopping agency or any other, it’s hard to guarantee your products appear in Google searches. Registered Merchants in the U.S., U.K., or Canada are more likely to meet the criteria listed in Google Shopping. However, SplashSolTech has managed to get approved for Google Shopping ads for all eCommerce stores we teamed up with.

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