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A PPC audit agency and a partner to help you enhance existing campaigns and find new, interesting and ROI focused PPC advertising opportunities so you can make the most of your marketing budget.

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A PPC Audit Service for Every Business

Our PPC audit service is specifically designed to analyse your current PPC ad campaigns, find gaps in your market and identify new opportunities to help you increase your click-through rate and conversions. A PPC audit report from our experts will help you optimise and enhance your paid ad marketing strategy.

Our PPC specialists look into a range of parameters, including your target audience, target location, landing pages, keywords, conversions, bid strategy, ad designs, banners, ad title and description, IP linking, the industry you are operating in, and your competitors. This approach helps customise your paid campaign to suit your business objectives and needs.

A detailed PPC audit is a key step towards optimising and delivering high-conversion paid ad campaigns to ensure your ads give the desired results in traffic, conversions, and sales.

Our PPC specialists work closely with our SEO team to find gaps that you could exploit to increase your paid search engine visibility and convert traffic into sales and profits.

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Find New Advertising Opportunities with Our PPC Audit

A pay-per-click audit service to help you uncover hidden gaps and achieve excellent click-through rate and conversion rate.

Why is PPC Audit Important for Your Business?

A PPC Audit is the first step towards making sure your pay-per-click marketing budget turns into real sales. You could feel like throwing your hard-earned money literally into a pothole if your paid traffic from search engines and on-site conversations do not reflect a positive change.

Here are three reasons why PPC audits are of vital importance:


Identify Areas of Weakness to Control Costs

Finding areas where your PPC campaign isn’t performing to expectations is critical to the success of your PPC account. Carrying out a PPC audit involves bidding and cost management, which can help you avoid unexpected and inefficient costs. With our PPC audit service, you can be confident that our experts will investigate and find cost inefficacies in your account so you can make your campaign as optimised as possible. If you have ads that are not performing and burdening your marketing resources or if there is an ad that is exceeding your performance markers, there is a solution. Our PPC specialists can determine additional bidding opportunities so you can maximise the conversions and identify poorly performing ads so you can cut the cost where possible.


Discover New Sales Opportunities

What makes a successful PPC campaign? If your PPC ad campaign or ad strategy does not make use of creativity and unique ideas, you are limiting its potential. As a trusted PPC audit agency, our PPC experts conduct an in-depth analysis of your competitors, find market gaps, and identify keywords, terms and phrases that are more likely to turn into sales for your business. Similarly, we discover new location opportunities for your products or services. By targeting an audience from a specific region where your competitors are least active, our PPC audit service turns your PPC campaign on its head, generating more leads for your business.


Optimise Existing Campaigns

Unsure what’s causing your PPC campaign to perform poorly? Struggling to optimise your ad campaign to get the most out of your pay-per-click marketing budget? If you have not achieved your PPC traffic and conversion targets, rest assured you are not alone. A professional PPC audit from our experts can turn a negatively performing campaign around. The world of the internet is changing rapidly. SEO reigned supreme once, but PPC is slowly starting to grab its own share in the search engine market. Refine your PPC marketing strategy and ads to ensure you get the desired return on investment. We guarantee that we will find out the floundering areas of your PPC account, find-tune them, and convert the click into sales revenue.

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PPC Audit Agency Client Testimonials

Jayden Morrison

“Exceptional PPC Audit! Unearthed hidden opportunities, boosted ROI. A game-changer!”

Finley Bishop

“Thorough and insightful PPC Audit. Clear action plan, results speak volumes!”

Daisy Wright

“Our campaigns were leaking money until this PPC Audit. Now, optimized and flourishing. Highly recommend!”

FAQs About Our PPC Audit Service

Advice from SplashSolTech Experts

1 What is a PPC audit?

A PPC audit involves analysing your PPC account, reviewing the results of your existing campaigns, finding out underperforming areas, and identifying new opportunities for more traffic and more sales through paid ads in search engines.

A PPC audit considers a range of variables, including the target keywords, bidding costs, conversions, click-through rate, landing pages, ads design, text and descriptions, and your target market to refine your campaign to generate optimised results.

2 How do I get a PPC audit?

Getting one of our PPC experts to conduct a PPC audit of your ad account is a simple process. All you need to do is complete the interest form below, and our experts will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our company representative will discuss your requirements, learn about the type of products or services you are selling, and understand your business objectives before providing suggestions and recommendations in the form of a PPC audit report.

As a leading PPC audit company, we carefully analyse your PPC marketing strategy, provide insights into your current performance, and give professional advice on implementing the changes.

3 What are the benefits of the PPC audit?

A PPC audit aims to unveil the probable causes of your failing paid marketing campaign and provide suggestions in terms of what improvements must be made to optimise the campaign to help you achieve your traffic, conversions and sales targets.

Three key benefits of a PPC audit are as follows:

  • Identify areas of weakness to control costs
  • Discover new sales opportunities
  • Optimise & refine existing campaigns
4 Do you provide PPC audit services worldwide?

While we are a UK-registered company, we serve customers from all parts of the world. If you are struggling with your PPC ad campaign management or if you need a professional PPC agency to help you to remove the inefficacies of your ad account, speak to our representative to see how our PPC audit service can make a difference. Check our other PPC services including google search ads, google display ads, bing search ads, remarketing, native ads, and google shopping.

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