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Over eight months, a UK-based award-winning student writing service touched £100,000 in sales. Want to know how? This case study has all the secrets you are curious to know.

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Essays UK Required More Leads & Sales

Splash Sol Tech’s digital marketing campaign for Essays UK achieved exceptional results through cost- effective PPC advertising. We created a coordinated approach with a strong emphasis on digital PR and SEO as a part of our strategy to lower PPC expenses. Our PCC experts collect, use and alter the SEO data to determine the proper position of keywords and create SEO growth based on clients’ trust. For this project, our main focus was to enhance the business search engine ranking by using high-competition keywords to drive a high traffic volume to the website.

The Objectives

Splash Sol Tech’s Team of SEO Experts Went Above The Mile With SEO

Our effective SEO strategy for Essays UK includes analysing competitors, keyword research, auditing content, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and managing digital PR.

Our ability to match keywords with the needs of our clients is something we are proud of. We conducted extensive research to identify the right keywords for your business. We then created a customized map that shows how those keywords can be used to improve any website’s traffic and conversions.

We also worked on the page and post tile map, header tags, and meta descriptions for the old pages and posts on the website.

Identifying keyword gaps is crucial for any business looking to optimize its website for search engines. By identifying gaps, our team of SEO experts churns off the keywords your competitors are ranking for. A comprehensive competitor study plan to determine Essays UK’s primary SEO strengths and weaknesses. Also, this plan makes the most of prospects for increasing market visibility.

For Essays UK, a deep backlink analysis helped us identify low-quality links that seemed to be harming the website’s authority. After then, we replaced them with backlinks that were far more relevant, using focused digital PR and outreach techniques.

This has helped us create a one-year SEO plan that addresses SEO from all angles. From optimizing page speed, pagination indexing difficulties, transferring to HTTPS to working on crawlability, formulating structured data, and collecting metadata, we took care of everything.

To improve the experience, we also focused on in-depth backlink analysis to create quality, relevant, and high authority backlinks so that the website can expand its outreach on the search engine.

To position Essays UK as a leading custom writing service, we also take care of the necessary factors required to build a hierarchy of information collected over your website. Not only does this help us retain the existing clients for your business but also improves the overall visibility of the search engine to skyrocket sales phrases.

PPC Advertising Strategies to Reduce Costs

We believe PPC is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods which worked wonders in increasing the organic traffic to the official website.

From placing bids on the right position to locating keywords your targeted audience is searching for, we make sure to reap maximum profit out of the ad click on a limited budget.

For this particular project, we built a winning PPC campaign that included searching, selecting, and optimizing the right keywords to improve the conversion rate for PPC campaigns.

Other than this, we also worked on the pay-per-click model and only bid on the quality and relevant keywords using the CPC bidding model.

Our thorough evaluation also allowed us to calculate the quality score and reach maximum potential customers for the massive amount of traffic.

At last, we concluded the entire PPC advertising strategy into building keyword relevance, creating persuasive landing pages tailored to specific search queries, improving googles rating, and driving maximum clicks at lower costs to refine the PPC keyword campaign results with increased profits.

Earlier before, Essays UK has been badly struggling with their PPC campaign but we got them covered.

With our Worldwide recognized techniques, we discovered the best ways to manage PPC advertising while improving the overall campaign results and reducing the waste spend.

Essential Steps of the Campaign

  • We developed targeted campaigns and created a comprehensive plan to achieve our goal of becoming an award-winning UK-based agency. Our team worked tirelessly to execute the plan, and we are proud to say it was a success! After comprehensive research, we increased brand awareness, generated leads and sales, and improved customer retention and loyalty.
  • The preceding year had seen a lot of change at Essays UK, and now was the time to set itself up for future growth. Comprehensive keyword research, developing a long-tail keyword strategy, and thorough page optimization, including title, meta, and link optimization, were all parts of our work with Essays UK. We also improved our relationships with current clients by switching from commercial to informational keywords. As a result, we could enhance the prominence in the traffic and achieve better visibility on the search engine.
  • We have several PPC specialists who run cutting-edge, creative, and economical PPC ads. They collaborated closely with our clients to comprehend their objectives, target market, and particular market characteristics. We promised that PPC advertising campaigns run by our experts would be seen by the relevant individuals in your target area and result in great conversations and sales.
  • The website’s navigation structure was surprisingly intricate, with many fluffs of irrelevant information stacked on pages. Our team helped streamline the navigation, making it more user-friendly for visitors to find what they were looking for.
  • Our SEO team worked on your website’s overall design, making it more user-friendly and visually appealing. We also increased the social media presence and engagement by devising strategies to target your high-paying prospects.
  • Our goal was to make Essays UK the go-to source for information on digital marketing, and we are proud to say that we achieved this through our hard work and dedication. This involved optimizing the design and layout of the website so that it would be easy to view and use on a smaller screen.
  • In addition, We also focused on improving the website’s speed and performance. We implemented a CDN for content delivery, optimizing our code to reduce unnecessary HTTP requests and using unique strategies to improve loading times. As a result of our efforts, the website is now faster and more responsive than ever before.
  • Next, we worked on the website’s internal linking and link architecture to ensure that the link equity was successfully transferred to the category pages and posts.
  • Adding to that, we optimized the website for better conversion rates and increased the number of leads. Using solid interlinking, we also increased internal links to specific sites and strengthened relationships with other companies. Our team brainstormed new ideas to increase website traffic. As a result, we drew up a plan detailing how we would improve our online presence. This includes paying for online ads and conducting search engine optimization (SEO) on our website. After implementing these changes, we saw a significant uptick in website traffic and lead generation.
  • From adding new keywords and removing the outdated ones to splitting the ad groups and optimizing the underperforming keywords, we covered all the elements of PPC advertising to boost conversions, enhance search engine visibility and bring more traffic needed to jumpstart the success of the Essays UK writing service.


● Results for Essays UK became apparent three months after the campaign began.

● From 650,000 to 1.2 million more impressions were made.

● The volume of traffic rose by 150%

● A startling rise in revenue of 190 percent.

● The order form conversion rate increased from 0.1 to 0.35.

● 48% more people are coming back.

Increase in revenue
Increase in Conversion rate
increase in organic traffic
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