Splash Sol Tech helped a local brand build a solid online presence and achieve the milestone of 10M in sales. Sounds unbelievable, right?

Read this case study until the end to discover how Splash Sol Tech’s web development experts helped the brand grab the spotlight on the search engine.

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The Challenge

Making a brand globally recognized with high competition is a challenge in itself. HungryPet approached us with several goals to become a worldwide brand in the span of only 6 months, and Splash Sol Tech took the challenge. We were asked to create multiple landing pages manually while keeping a similar internal design to make marketing easier with limited resources. For this reason, our first step was to design all the landing pages in the exact symmetry and draw the information from their current events database in order to populate the different sections of the landing page automatically. Luckily, this helped web design experts accelerate the marketing efforts and freed up the overall design to give a separate identity to the brand.


First things first, Splash Sol Tech looked more closely at developing event landing pages while offering an excellent user experience to the visitors landing on the website. Next, our web development professionals summed up all the resources to create event landing pages from scratch. Since the process was highly labor-intensive, our experts were quick enough to involve the use of personnel assets from their design, marketing, and development departments. However, hours of effort went into designing, developing, and adding material to each landing page while taking care of all the little attention to detail.

The Objectives

Stelrad on mobile

Our Strategy

As a result of our years of experience, Splash Sol Tech got right into the UX Strategy phase to turn this newly launched startup into a worldwide recognized brand. Our experts focus on designing a minimal viable product to create an impact on the overall website design. After thorough research, Splash Sol Tech’s team of experts brought a ton of brilliant ideas to the table. We started by creating a product roadmap to optimize different features and sections of the website in a way that attracts the maximum audience. Our main emphasis for this particular website brand was on the 3 crucial pages designed during the wireframe stage. These were product list pages, landing pages, and blog pages – all carefully planned for the best engagement and interaction from the user’s end. Regardless of the design, the purpose of the landing page was to provide visitors with an overview of the company’s mission and quickly walk them through the specifications on the website right away. At Splash Sol Tech, we designed the website in a way that maximum visitors are drawn into the list page, which ultimately invites them to look over the specifications available in the categories. The rest of the pages were designed with the goal of giving visitors a comprehensive, forward-moving experience with a clear route to the next action they needed to take. The conversion funnel was our second area of emphasis. Splash Sol Tech’s professional team spent a lot of time designing a frictionless conversion funnel because the client had a distinct business strategy and was a high-ticket marketplace.

Essential Steps of the Campaign

  • We began skimming the wireframes of the website after developing a straightforward UX approach, opting toward deeper hues to give the website a cinematic vibe while conveying the brand message. To avoid repeating the same mistake, we reduce the quantity of white text on a dark background that can badly strain the eyes. Instead, we balanced the dark backgrounds with lighter backgrounds in sections containing the complete text blocks.
  • Moreover, we also incorporated bright accent colors through the significant portions of the website to draw attention to the CTA of the visitors. To add personalization to the overall theme, we also leveraged complementary colors that added visual appeal with vibrant colors. Luckily, this helped us break up the background’s monotone black and white hues that looked similar to other competitor websites.
  • Needless to say, creating a website from scratch is not a walk in the park and requires significant programming. Keeping all the factors in mind, we designed the site from the ground up on a custom.NET platform like WordPress, as we knew other off-the-shelf solutions wouldn’t work well. This helped us realize the importance of creating an engaging front end and promising an intuitive user experience. Along with that, our web developer experts also burned the midnight oil to create a seamless back-end content management system and precisely fulfill the client’s requirements. From the front end to the back end, every detail was customized to our client’s distinctive needs and desires.
  • During the site’s development, we also took care of the fascinating interactions she tracked periodically on the video listing page. We designed the page in a way that allows users to enjoy a brief video clip upon hovering over the movie thumbnail. As soon as the visitor clicks to expand access to the website, they’ll get access to more details on the listing page. Lastly, the visitor will be taken to the CTA page and asked to contact the artist or make a purchase. However, every component of the website we designed helped us promote and encourage interaction among visitors and draw them farther into the user journey.
  • As an award-winning agency, Cognizantt kept its spirit high by creating a solid online presence with a customer-facing website for the brand. When we received this project, we also worked in the department of the efficient management system to streamline the workload and incorporate e-commerce development. Regardless of the audience, we made sure to segment and target different customers, competitors, vendors, and other interested audiences that can help in brand building.
  • Not only does this help us bridge the gap between the audience and the website owner. But, it also assisted us to breathe life into the website’s overall design for front end and back end development.
  • Now comes the integration. To make this project a success, we highlighted the importance of integration and went above the mile to work with third-party apps that play a big role in data synchronization.
  • Once the website was roughly designed, we also added the option of chatbots to offer continuous communication. Along with that, we also developed processes that make it easy to convey queries and resolve them efficiently.
  • Hence, this custom website development project was a significant challenge for our UX and UI designers to create a seamless silo architecture for the website’s SEO optimization after its development.
  • Long story short, our website development service helped this client reach its full digital potential while taking ever wider inspiration from already built solid competitor websites.
  • Not only on PC but we also made sure the website was well optimized for mobile in terms of visibility, design, and layout. This mobile-friendliness helped us hike the website’s engagement with kids and display the product or services professionally.
  • In summary, we completed a custom website development project that included creating new content and improving an existing website. The result of our efforts was a fully functioning website published to their respective domains on a timely basis with minimal issues from either side. From our vantage point, we communicated well with both parties and established working relationships throughout our engagement. This ultimately led to the successful completion of this website development project for each milestone. Last but not least, our client is satisfied with the outcome as well as our expertise working on this sensitive project.

We look forward to continuing these relationships in future projects as the brand grows its visitor base.


● Results for Essays UK became apparent three months after the campaign began.

● From 65,000 to 534,000 impressions were made.

● Page speed was increased by over 80%

● Page engagement increased by 90%

● Bounce rate reduced by 33%

● 60% increase in direct traffic

Increase in Page Speed
Increase in Page Engagement
Increase in Direct Visitors
Increase in Average Session Duration
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