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Splash Sol Tech helped an esteemed USA brand in establishing a robust online presence and achieving a significant milestone.

Read on to uncover how the web development experts at Splash Sol Tech played a pivotal role in enhancing the brand’s visibility on search engines. Seeking to solidify your online footprint? Our team is here to support you!

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The Challenge

Gaining international recognition for a brand amidst fierce competition is an imposing task. Assignment Help Center approached us with ambitious aspirations of attaining global brand recognition within four months, and Splash Sol Tech embraced the challenge. Our mission involved the meticulous creation of multiple landing pages, maintaining consistent internal design elements to streamline marketing efforts despite limited resources. To achieve this, our initial step encompassed the precise design of all landing pages, coupled with the extraction of data from their existing events database to dynamically populate various segments of the landing pages. Fortunately, this approach not only expedited marketing endeavors but also bestowed the brand with a distinctive identity.


Starting with the essentials, Splash Sol Tech delved into crafting landing pages tailored to specific events while prioritising a remarkable user experience for website visitors. Our team of web development experts pooled their skills to construct these landing pages from the ground up. Recognising the labour-intensive nature of the process, our professionals efficiently drew upon resources from design, marketing, and development departments. Countless hours were dedicated to meticulously crafting, developing, and enriching each landing page with an unwavering focus on detail.

The Objectives

Stelrad on mobile

Our Strategy

Drawing from our extensive expertise, Splash Sol Tech promptly initiated the UX Strategy phase to propel this recently launched startup towards global brand recognition. Our specialists concentrated on creating a minimally viable product that would leave a lasting impact on the overall website design. After thorough research, the team at Splash Sol Tech introduced a plethora of innovative concepts. Our journey commenced with the formulation of a product roadmap, aiming to optimise various website features and sections to captivate a diverse audience. For this specific website brand, our primary focal points, devised during the wireframe stage, centred around three pivotal pages: product listing pages, landing pages, and blog pages – all meticulously orchestrated to ensure optimal user engagement and interaction. Despite the intricacies of design, the landing page’s objective was to provide visitors with a glimpse of the company’s mission and swiftly acquaint them with the website’s specifications. At Splash Sol Tech, our website design aimed to direct the maximum number of visitors to the list pages, enticing them to explore the available specifications within each category. The remaining pages were meticulously fashioned to offer visitors a comprehensive, seamless journey, complete with a clear pathway to the subsequent actions they needed to undertake. Our second area of focus centred around the conversion funnel. The adept team at Splash Sol Tech invested considerable effort into crafting a frictionless conversion funnel, given the client’s distinctive business strategy and positioning in the high-value marketplace.

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