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Search engine optimisation has always been one of our strengths at Splash Sol Tech. Over the last decade, we have experienced several highs and lows in SEO. We know what used to work and what didn’t use to work. So now, we know what still works and what doesn’t work.

SEO is just like bread and butter for us. We eat, we repeat it, and we live by it. We have taken so many websites and apps to the peak of SEO performance that we can tell you for sure that there is no one successful recipe for SEO success.

Do you think an SEO strategy that worked for one project will also work for another one? Well, guess what? You were wrong. Whether a website or an app, every project requires a unique SEO strategy that you come up with by trying and testing.

We identify and hunt your audience because we know how profitable SEO rankings can be for your business. We use inventive techniques to ensure your sales messages get across to your targeted audience. SEO algorithms. Panda. Penguin. RankBrain. HummingBird. Core Web Vitals. Mobile. Core Updates.

We are sure you would have heard these terms already. Let’s get straight to the point. If you are looking for SEO specialists who can design an SEO marketing strategy that will make your services stand out in the SERPS, you can get in contact with our experts today.

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Put your trust in Splash Sol Tech for noticeable results and innovative SEO techniques to enhance your website’s overall performance in search engines.

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case study Splash Sol Tech

Case Study

Research Prospect

Category: SEO
Sector: Education

Research Prospect, operating in one of the most competitive industries, wanted to improve their search engine presence by optimising their existing keywords and phrases and filling up any available keyword gaps.

Websites of educational institutes largely dominate the education sector in the UK. These .edu websites have a high search authority, and in most cases, it is tough to outrank them in the SERPS.

However, Splash Sol Tech’s SEO experts took up the challenge and enhanced the SEO performance and conversion rate. They analysed the Research Prospect’s competitors in detail and worked in collaboration with the development team to improve the site link architecture to pass link equity to money pages, to overhaul the UI/UX and to increase the Google web core vitals score to 90+ on both mobile and desktop.

Our team optimised the website for mobile users by ensuring each element on every website page was 100% responsive. Special attention was paid to the vital target terms, broad match keywords, and phrase match keywords in the internal and external anchor strategy.
Improvements were suggested for the existing content, and new high conversion keywords were identified for better conversion.


Increase in mobile traffic


Increase in desktop traffic


Increase in Sales


New Organic Keywords

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Fastest growing Professional SEO Services

Cost-Effective SEO Partner

We are a UK and Pakistan registered company. Many of our clients are UK businesses looking for professional and cost-effective SEO services. By outsourcing your SEO to a marketing agency with remote staff working in Pakistan, you can expect to achieve your long-term SEO goals within your budget. Our SEO staff in Pakistan consists of Google certified SEO experts.

Innovative Digital Marketing Services

As the fastest growing SEO agency, we will help you capture markets worldwide with a website optimised with international SEO principles. As professional SEO service providers, we will work with you to create a comprehensive SEO strategy that will particularly fit your company’s needs – from holistic advice on keywords and the content strategy and technical elements to customised global and local SEO measures.

Results Driven SEO Agency

Put your trust in Splash Sol Tech for noticeable results and innovative technical SEO packages to enhance your websites overall performance. If your website isn’t correctly optimised for search, you’re missing out on a significant amount of search engine traffic, as well as attention from potential customers.

Up-to-date Multi-Sector SEO Knowledge

Keeping up with Google and other search engines constantly updating their algorithm can be a challenging task to deal with. But our SEO experts are always one step ahead of the shifts in SEO algorithms. We will make sure that your website holds a strong position on search engines and appear above our competitors to bring you joy and huge internet traffic.

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Free Logo Design Software & Tools

Free Logo Design Software & Tools 

Whether it is your first time designing a logo or you have done that before, this guide has ten plus free logo design software and tools to reduce your burden and ease the work. 

Top 10 free logo designs tools and software

How To Come Up With A Logo Design

How do you come up with the logo design? Need in-depth information about how to come up with a logo design? We’ve got you covered.

Logo Colourways

Logo Colourways (Colour Combinations)

The choice of colors can make or break the overall look of your logo. Mark Zuckerberg chose the blue color for Facebook due to color blindness.

We are here to help you!

Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1 What are SEO services?

Search engine optimisation helps companies enhance their search engine presence while increasing the quality and quantity of the website traffic. This is done by obtaining organic results from the search engines such as Google and Bing.

Search engine algorithms, also known as ‘spiders’ and ‘crawlers’, gather information regarding websites, such as the services or products they offer. SEO companies employ a range of search engine optimisation techniques to improve your search results and the number of visitors your website gets.

2 When should I use SEO?

You will need to acquire professional SEO services to improve your website or app’s search engine visibility, achieve a higher conversion rate, and increase the number of unique visitors to your website.

SEO is a marathon. You cannot expect instant results. However, those who get things right with their SEO campaign can expect to bear the fruits in the long run.

3 Why is SEO important?

Whether you own a website or a blog or run an online store, SEO can help you gain free targeted traffic via search engines. If search engines trust you to deliver the results users are looking for, you’re more likely to appear higher in the SERPS. Appearing near the top of the search engine results gives you more authority, and SEO can help you achieve that.

4 How does SEO work?

The main focus of an SEO campaign is to improve the position of your website in search engines for your targeted phrases and keywords. This is done through various off-page and on-page search engine optimisation strategies. Once your website starts to rank for crucial business keywords on the first page of SERPS, you will see a definite increase in your traffic and sales.

5 Why should you choose London Professional SEO services?

The key factor every business considers when choosing professional SEO services is the cost. Most businesses find UK based SEO agencies very hard to afford. This is where our London SEO services come into play. We operate from the London market, but our SEO staff is based in Pakistan. This gives us the leverage to provide trusted SEO services at UK’s best prices while our clients can spend their time managing their business.

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