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Data is indisputable. One simple fact that we all know is we cannot dispute the facts. Data is beneficial for businesses looking to achieve their sales goals through digital activities, which become the guiding light towards marketing triumph. Splash Sol Tech is a leading data analytics company based in the UK. Our analytics experts know how to utilise the power the data analytics and channel your digital marketing campaign towards your profit sales ambitions. With an analysis of the digital data from Google Analytics, individual pages, domain, subdomains and overall marketing plan, we can gain an in-depth insight into your marketing approach.

Data analytics can help you get ahead of your competition as it provides a detailed overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your business from a marketing standpoint. Our experts can identify the areas where you need better performance. Take advantage of our data analytics services today to take your profits to a whole new level.

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How Our Data Analytics Service Work

Our data analytics process is based on a simple six-step approach.

Harness the True Power of Data
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case study Splash Sol Tech

Case Study

Research Prospect

Category: SEO
Sector: Education

When Research Prospect teamed up with Splash Sol Tech, our SEO experts were required to identify the key areas of strengths and weaknesses for Research Prospect to enhance the on-site user experience and digital marketing strategy.

One of the main concerns for Research Prospect was strategic and targeted outreach campaign integration to earn high-quality backlinks to their site through content marketing.

We conducted a thorough competitor analysis, content analysis, and technical SEO analysis to highlight the areas of improvement in the SEO content to earn natural, high authority and relevant links.


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Free Logo Design Software & Tools 

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Advice from Splash Sol Tech Experts

1 What is web analytics?

Web analytics is the guiding light for your business. Without data and analytics, you are shooting in the dark. Some shots will hit the target, but the majority will not. Data analytics enable businesses to make informed and calculated decisions. The importance of data in today’s world cannot be understated as it identifies for business what’s working and what’s not working from the marketing viewpoint. Regardless of the size of your company and your current standing in your target market, Splash Sol Tech’s web analytics services will help you optimise your marketing strategy to achieve your full potential.

2 What is Splash Sol Tech's web analytics service?

As a leading full-service web analytics company, we offer digital marketing expertise across a range of marketing avenues including but not limited to content analysis, UX audits, eCommerce analytics, and SEO Google analytics. We also provide consumer behaviour recommendations, PPC analytics, and social media marketing analytics with our eCommerce analytics audit service. We have hands-on experience in B2B and B2C web analytics projects in many industries, including health, insurance and education. We have developed an acute analytics system that we can apply to any analytics requirements for your business.

3 How can data analytics help my business?

Data is indispensable in business. Splash Sol Tech is a trusted Google Analytics Certified analytics audit agency. We know how data can help your business make informed decisions that increase your sales and conversions. Analytics can serve a range of purposes, including but not limited to understanding your audience, finding new growth opportunities in the market, and developing tailored strategies in response to the trends. By working with the best analytics audit agency, you can make your digital activities more ROI-focused and get ahead of the competition in your industry. Get in contact with one of our Google Certified Analytics Consultants to discuss your requirements.

4 What analytics and reporting software do you use?

Our web analytics experts use various SOE analytics tools to collect data. Some of the tools they use are Yoast, Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, Answer The Public, Google Tag Manager, Google Keyword Planner, and Google Analytics. We cross-reference the data we collate to ensure its authenticity and reliability before presenting it nicely in the form of a customised report. The report highlights the points that could be of high value for your business.

5 Do you provide data analytics audit services worldwide?

As a leading web analytics audit services agency in London, we can fulfil your data analytics requirement regardless of the business’s physical location. We will assign a dedicated account manager to your project once you have started working with us. Unlock your true international SEO potential get your pages ranked in search engines in the countries of your choice with the UK’s best international SEO firm.

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